Death of a Dictator

Fidel Castro is now dead. Every dictator dies. Every physical life is terminal. Interestingly, all dictators attempt to acquire as much power and wealth as they can with the mindset that it will last them forever. Only… there is no “forever” on this world. And for those that are not true, there is no "forever" after death as well. In-fact, it is their spirit that understands this and relinquishes control to the dictator’s physical aspect of their existence, knowing that the spirit’s life is also terminal after death. This drives the dictator to stay alive as long as possible and to acquire as much power and wealth in an attempt to “enjoy” as much of this world as it can before termination. It is that drive and lack of spiritual connection that makes them callous to their wrong-doings and selfishness. They have no connection to understanding of the bad that they cause and the pain they inflict on others. To them, it is not something that they feel.

 So… exactly what did Castro take with him after he died?

Interesting question, you might be thinking. What does anyone take with them when they die?

A person that dies takes the life they built and bonds they formed with others. Did Castro build a good life and spiritual bonds to others?

I refrain from judging people because I have not “walked a mile in their moccasins”. However, we can speculate based on what a person has done in their life. If I had to make a guess, most (if not all) dictators may have terminal spirit lives. Suppressing people and repressing the opportunity for people to build their lives freely is negative to building a spiritual life that can be strong and true enough to make one’s journey home.

Everything we do in life is cumulative.  Everything counts, bad and good. There is no scorecard; it is one summation of a life. If you do good and form positive spiritual bonds, then you are building a worthy afterlife to take with you. If you do bad things, then you destroy that which you have built. Lets’ look at it mathematically to oversimplify how it works…

Hypothetically, let’s say that to make your journey home and to establish an “after-world” for you to live in, will require “life points” totaling 500. Throughout your life you accumulate 505 positive life points and 750 negative life points. Your total accumulation during your life is negative 245 life points (-245). In other words, you can’t possibly make your journey home and your spirit dies. Not only was there no world of life created, but your spirit cannot even withstand a journey at all. Had the spirit had a positive value less than 500, it at least would have been able to return to live another life to acquire more life points. If it had acquired 500 or more points, it would make its journey home and have enough life points to form a world to live in for eternity.

Again; in real life there is no scorecard. The above example was only used to simplify how things work. With that being said, there really is an “accumulated life” you will build during your life. There is no predefined “total”. You either have built enough time of living or you have not.

Did Castro have enough time of living to make his journey home or to return to live in another life on our world? To come close to learning that would require you to know which life attributes are positive and which are negative. (My book can help you with that) Then you would need to review all of his life. I’m not about to attempt to do that. What would be the point? We simply cannot quantify anyone’s life by reviewing the qualitative aspects of it. And for those of you that are religious, there is also no “god” that keeps track either. It is all you. Regardless if you do not want to accept responsibility for your own existence, you simply cannot shirk it. There is no god that will take over your life for you. What would be the point? Think about it.

What is my point with this post, you may be wondering.

Dictators live in spiritual fear and most don’t even realize it. Many cannot even walk amongst others on this world without fear of being killed. Without freedom to live amongst others, it may be impossible to build up enough time of living to make one’s journey home. They think they have it all, but actually, they have nothing and oftentimes, less than nothing. In order to hold onto the physical shackles they put around themselves requires them to reduce their spiritual growth to nothing.

So, don’t get angry when you see a dictator and think that they “have it all”. They have less than nothing. Even repressed people can build a spiritual life if they live strong and true. When a dictator creates an environment that is so repressive that the people have no opportunity to build a life, then the people will need to become strong and revolt to create an environment where they can. They need to take responsibility for their lives.

Our world still has dictators. All of them have been allowed to come into power from people that were too weak to stand up to the dictators’ behavioral problems. There are numerous reasons why people will do this. Most people simply will not take the time and effort to stop it. It is easier to allow things to happen and hope for the best. They always end up getting exactly what their efforts have earned them.

To all of the dictators in the world; I want you all to know that everything you “think” you own and control actually owns and controls you. The clock is ticking… are you strong and true enough to reverse the death of your spirit before it is too late? Remember; your day to die is already one day closer as of today. And nothing can stop it from coming.

P.S.  If anyone thinks that they can screw-off during their life and then be able to beg for forgiveness just before they die, then think again. There is nothing out there to forgive you and give you a free pass. You have been lied to. Oh well… it will suck to be you.