Sharks "Eating their own"

I am not surprised to learn of the in-fighting in the Trump transition team. I previously was enrolled in the Republican Party and served in an elected office for a time. I witnessed much of what is happening with the Trump team. It is not limited to just him.  Many Republican politicians are fierce power grabbers and they will attempt to make you pay for not supporting them or for going against them. I experienced this distasteful aggression first-hand.

While I call it “eating their own”, others simply call it the Republican blood sport. Regardless, it causes fractures and a loss of continuity. Power is taken, ripped away, or manipulated.

I lead my own transition team and it can be very stressful. In my case, I needed to get up to speed on all of the Town’s financial issues BEFORE day-1 because I had to implement the new budget, new salaries, and assign employee positions on the very first day. And all without access to the resources. At least Trump has access to the resources… if he can ever get his act together enough to send people to go get them. Furthermore, I walked into a completely dysfunction organization without a functional accounting system and with an accountant that was related to the outgoing Supervisor who further stated that he disliked me and that he was going to quit. “My” computer had been wiped clean, but they left a virus on it that prevented it from working. I also had no working printer.  On my first day I had to manually create Excel spreadsheets so I could make payroll on that day. The morning I walked into my office I was notified that the Highway Superintendent was just in an accident with one of the trucks. It was a hair-raising day to say the least. But I made it work and I got through it. The transition went as well as could be expected and there were no major problems.

I do not envy Trump with the task at hand, purely because of his own temperament. He is his own worst enemy. What he is going to learn quickly is if he “fires” too many people that do not genuflect to him, he will have nobody to get the work done. Furthermore, he is a control freak, yet, with the scope of the job, he will have to let go and let the people do their jobs. If he micro-manages he will be sunk. If he also uses his power to “kill off” others to satisfy scores during his presidency, he will gain no trust and the Trump “tower of power” will come crashing down around him. When that happens, America will be underneath the rubble.

I am reminded of President Reagan when he was asked what made him successful. His response was that he surrounded himself with good people. That says it all and I whole heartily agree.

It is obvious that Trump never thought he would win, to have this amount of disarray in a transition team. Furthermore, while he may like the power, he is going to hate the lifestyle. That was evident when he ditched the media by lying to them so he could go out to a restaurant for dinner recently.  Instead of penthouse luxury suites, he will be locked in his own prison in a white house where he is not free to do everything he wants. On that topic, we can bring up the old saying, “be careful of what you wish for”.  I would not be surprised to see him resign before his term is up. If not that, then a possible impeachment for when he breaks a law that he thinks he is immune from.

And then there are his businesses. It is impossible to run those businesses and be president. He stated that his children will take over. Yet, they are part of his team and he will not put the businesses in a blind trust. (He “trusts” nobody because he made so many enemies, hence his use of family members.) There has never been such a strong case for conflict of interest in the history of the United States. I don’t see him relinquishing complete control of his businesses, and that may be his ultimate undoing. He will be incapable of staying out of it. (Just like he cannot refrain from Twitter.) Those businesses ARE his life. He cannot live without them and the job of President is going to suffocate his lifestyle simultaneously.

While I do not like Trump in many ways, I do not wish him failure. (As the Republican politicians wished on Obama.) The collapse of an administration would be devastating to our country.  With that being said, I’m sure glad that I am not on his team! (Or should I say, in his bloody shark tank.)

Okay, enough of the bleakness. It has been a rough week for everyone, not just Trump.

So, how do we look ahead during these times? Easy; we continue to move forward with our lives and don’t read every headline six times a day. Your life does not center on the president. If the election really bothers you and you know you will not shake it, then find an avenue to help get people elected that you can support. Just be sure to keep your life stable while doing it. Remain positive about new candidates, and not just negative about ones in office that you don’t like.

With that being said, do pay attention to what is happening without obsessing over it. When the government does something you simply can’t ignore, then join others to protest peacefully against it.  (The more people, the better.) That is about the only control you have. With enough energy, the legislators will pay attention.

Or… they won’t. If not, then find a way to help them lose their re-election bid next time.

Now, find something you enjoy doing and get back to it. Hug your kids, smile, and live your life strong and true. You always have “your” main focus and that is to build a good life before you make your final journey home. If you still can’t get over the election after that, then look at things this way: If you live your life strong and true, and Trump does not, he simply will not make his journey home. He will not be in your eternal world. Simple as that. Everything we do in our life counts... as it does in his. I hope he gains that understanding before it is too late. I wish spiritual death on no one.

One other note; America was never “not great”. It is simply imperfect. If everyone does one thing positive to help it become better, that will have more of a positive impact than any future president could ever have. America is people, not a bunch of angry politicians.

If I do not post anther blog entry before Thanksgiving, then I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with friends and family.