Fellow Americans and peoples of the world,

I’ve taken pause after the election to get my thoughts in order and to enable me to write in a more constructive way. Sometimes one must step back for a time to let their emotions settle down, lest they write from pure emotions. That can sometimes be detrimental and too raw.

I voted in the recent 2016 general election. However, I did not vote for the best candidate, as they were not present on the ballot. Like many others, I voted against a candidate.

Never in all the years of my life have I seen two individuals in a presidential general election that were so polarizing. Partisan politics alone can be divisive; however, one candidate broke all norms and decency in the way he conducted himself and attacked others. And it could not have come at a worse time.

Many conservative citizens that were enrolled in the Republican Party endure eight years of a president that they felt did not do well for them. They were going to vote Republican this year even if it meant that the country could come to an end, as we know it, by doing so. Hitler could have run on the Republican ticket and would have been elected. It no longer mattered what the character of the candidate was, it no longer mattered how the candidate conducted himself, it no longer mattered that the candidate was the very type of elitist that they despised, it did not matter that the candidate blatantly demonstrated his lack of respect for women and disdain for non-white American citizens.  Why?

The analysts are posting a deluge of reasons why. All of the reasons given, when combined, paint the complete picture.

I actually wrote another blog entry before this one and never posted it. That post listed all of the reasons people voted for Trump. However, for the people that voted for him, each has a subset from that list that pushed them to Trump. Were they wrong to have those feelings in regards to how they wanted the country to be different? That answer is as unique to each individual as the different combinations of reasons that are out there. I understand much of the reasoning behind their passion for change.

With that being said, our election is not just about what individuals want for themselves. The President of the United States is both a figurehead for our country, relative to the rest of the world, and he/she is also our ambassador to other peoples across the globe. The position of President is the “face” of our country. When people in other countries think about the United States, the first image that forms in their mind is our President. And next, they think about what that President stands for. They then consider the American people to be like that of our President.  That is what troubles me the most after the election. His values and character do not reflect mine or the majority of the people in this country.

Taken locally, the President sets the social tone for our children. If you read my book “Understanding; One Man’s Revelations After Entering The Light” by RJ Seney, you would have seen how I, at only 4-years old, was influenced by President Kennedy. I later was influenced by Presidents Johnson and Nixon. Our children DO pay attention to the leader of our country.

The deep feeling of stress, fear, empowerment by Trump supporters, anger, injustice, and hate came directly from Trump’s character. Never in my life did I expect to see swastikas, “nigger (sic)” threats, and “white Power” signs being displayed in our public schools. That is what people were willing to accept to get “revenge” on a political party. That is what they accepted as a consequence in the hopes that they may somehow get $100 more money per year or see a letter “R” next to the name of the President.

Were these voters conscious of that decision? Some adamantly were. They wanted to “stick it in the eye” of Democrats. The problem with that is that it sticks it in the eye of all Americans, including themselves. Other voters probably ignored the character of the candidate so they would not “feel” his bad character. That is called spirit blocking. My book explains how spirit blocking works. We all do it at various times, however, most have no clue how or why it happens, much less, that it even happens at all.

Many of the Trump voters do not understand how or why voters for Hillary Clinton are in such mourning. It isn’t that they are so distraught because we have a President from the Republican Party. The pendulum has swung between the two parties since our nation was established. When one “side” wins, some citizens are happy for a couple of days, some are disappointed for a couple of days, and then we move on. That is not the case for this election.

The pain that the people are feeling who either voted for Hillary or against Trump (there is a HUGE difference) is because they are experiencing spiritual pain. They do not understand it, but that is what they are experiencing. It is a deep pain because it is at the core of our lives. They feel the spiritual pain of others, they feel their own, and they intrinsically understand that the damage that has occurred most probably will be irreversible for some time.  Helplessness and fear will then set it. Some people will spirit-block to relieve the pain and then lash out.

They also will feel let down by the process. The blame is widespread in how we got to this point. It points to failed political parties, unfair media coverage, and an electoral system where only a miniscule fraction of Americans can actually run for president.  Trump could not have run without being a billionaire, plain and simple. You want inequality? There it is. He has more rights than you just because he is an elitist.

It remains to be seen where things will go in the next four years. However, I can assure you that the 2020 elections are going to be a wild ride. And that is what pro-Trump supporters need to be cautious about (other than the failure of America or a Global collapse before 2020). America has been built on a political pendulum. It swings both ways. Elation today will be followed by sadness later. If the next President is a Republican hater, things will be very bad for the Trump supporters as well. We need to break that cycle and stop the swing of the never-ending pendulum. The next president and legislators should not be a hater of either party, but instead, focus on the job at hand and work collaboratively with each other.

My main point is that we failed to bring forward candidates who were not political lightning rods and who would not polarize the nation and world. That should be a requirement in the beginning of the process for all political parties. Next, we should NEVER enable a candidate to run that is so full of hate and disdain for so many diverse peoples. The Republican Party realized what was coming too late and then the media took hold and enabled it to come to completion.  News sells and they sold their “soul” to see it develop… every day that Trump was campaigning. They are whining now, but they were enablers. I have no sympathy for them.

And the voters that accepted the bad character of Trump for their own selfishness have also sold a part of their spirit. They now will have to live with the results of what is happening and what will happen. We ARE responsible for our actions, whether we want to accept it or not. Everything is cumulative in our lives; our true lives that most people do not fully understand.

The worst thing that can happen is that people will return to their satisficed lives, allowing themselves to go brain-dead from technology and lack of physical work, and just let be what will be. This election should be a wake-up call to action.  People need to get involved with their government and take action to make it better. Find out what YOU can do to make things better. If you know a politician or a candidate who shares your ideas, then help them with their initiatives.

NEVER give a free pass to your politicians. Many do not like your attention because it means they will be required to work. Furthermore, everyone needs to hold the next President’s feet to the fire and hold him accountable and responsible. Make that buck stop squarely on his desk. Do not let up, but also do not let your resistance become the reason why positive initiatives cannot move forward. Remember; there has to be a country left to govern in four years. Even a bad President might try to bring somebody else’s positive ideas forward.

I have told you to take action and get involved, so what am I going to do? I am seriously considering running for President in 2020 and will be taking the first steps forward to begin the process. I would not ask others to do something I would not be willing to do myself. If you are chuckling, remember who the President-elect is. Who would have thought?

Let’s take control from the elitists and give “real” hard working Americans an opportunity to work for their country and show the world who we truly are. We are a nation of good people, many of whom immigrated from every part of the world to create opportunity for all, regardless of race, religion, or gender. I came from a family that struggled to make ends meet. I worked hard to get where I am. I understand all Americans because I am right smack in the middle with them. I lived and continue to live your pain. I worked alongside you.

If you are feeling lost, pick your chin up and walk forward with renewed determination.

If you are feeling pain, turn it into motivation.

If you are feeling helpless, stand tall and move forward to create change.

Do not despair! Do not give up!

Working together as a united people, we will all “Make America Strong and True”. Those words are what will carry me forward on my journey to save the America we adore and respect. It will be up to you to make it happen. There is hope. Make it so.

If you feel that you want to “Make America Strong and True” then share this post with everyone you know. I am serious about running. I do not care which party you are enrolled in or who you recently voted for. I am non-partisan in my actions and have a proven track record in working with everyone for the good of all.  End your distraught and take back your country. Start now! Send and share this to everyone. It will help you and them to heal and move forward. Beginning today, the people of the United States will stand back up, walk out of the ashes, and move forward to take charge of our destiny.

If you are protesting (peacefully I hope), change your words from negativity to a tone of motivation and determination. We will now sing as one:




Ray Seney

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