What is fear? By definition it is : “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

Why am I discussing fear today, you might ask.

I have released two books, with one being released for free. Obviously, the title of the free book will give one cause to pause and think. Did the person “really” go into the light after death? Is this person a nut-case and “thinks” that he did? And if he is not a mental–case, then what will I read? Would I be able to deal with what will be revealed? Will I find that my life has been a lie all along? If so, will I go to hell?

Is ignorance bliss? If so, then there are a lot of cheery people running around feeling that their life has been perfect. Funny, though, as I have never seen one of those people.

I find it interesting that my site with that book has had a tremendous amount of hits; yet, most people stop right at the moment before pressing the download link. Hmmm? And no; it is not possible for me to see who it was, so you do not have to fear that.

So what we have here is extreme curiosity that turns into… fear.

I thought about this for some time to try to figure out why a person would be afraid to download the book. I mean, here is a person that has entered the light and tunnel during a death phase, and by the title of the book, has revelations from it.  Who would not want to know what happens?

As it turns out, there are many who do not “really” want to learn. And now we get back to the title of this post: Fear.

What are the possible fears that strike people just at the last moment? I have constructed a list of some possibilities.

1 – Fear of the unknown. This is the ignorance is bliss phenomenon. They might be thinking “What if the revelations show that my whole entire life was a waste? Maybe I am better off not knowing because it will make my life easier by not knowing.” Here is a fact, folks. Life is difficult. Plain and simple. Everyone has a story to tell. Even for people who appear to have everything. Hiding in a corner does not make you safe. It makes you a victim.

2- “The book might point out that I am waaaay off my path”. Let’s face it; Americans have it easy. Many people will not want to find out if it is not supposed to be that way. And maybe they will need to not have as many “things” if they found out. Why would anyone want to give up anything? We live better than kings used to live. Let me tell you something that is certain. If you spend the rest of your life from this point forward on the right path, it is surely better than spending your entire life on the wrong path. I also will state that the “right” path is not the easiest path. But don’t worry; the more difficult the hurdles that you clear, the higher you will fly.

3- “I might find out that my religion is not the right one”. Who wants to be half-way through their life only to find out that, for all that time, they worshiped the wrong thing? People develop a comfort level with familiarity, even if they don’t really like it. They will resist change even if change is inevitable. If a person does not look, then they will never see that they have erred... that their parents also had erred. Who wants that? That doesn’t sound good. Right? I wish I could help you with this one. Religions, by their very design (by humans), make it tough on people. Their design is to control and to make people live in ignorance of the truth. But not everything in a religion is negative. There are many positive aspects to some religions. My book will identify those things as well as the negative. Here is a tidbit to help you to think… There are over 4,000 religions in the world. Everyone that is religious would agree that theirs is the “true” religion. Really? That means that 3,999 religions are false. That is a LOT of religions. Is one of them yours? Is there “really” one that is true? Read the book to find out.

4- “If I read the book, then that might be a sin that will put me in hell.” I am very familiar with all of the religious scare tactics. (I lived with them for many years) And yeah, they do work. The thought of hell is a strong disincentive for people to question their beliefs. That is why religions have them. That is why humans created the concept of a sin. If a person leaves a religion, there will be less money to keep the religious leaders in power and with wealth. Expect religious leaders to push you away from learning the truth. Is there a hell? The book will answer that question.

5- “If I download the book, the author will have my email address and… who knows what he will do with it?” Here is a news flash; “Your email address is known to thousands, if not millions, of entities already. We do not live in a private world anymore. All of those apps you use and free services your use… yup, they are free for a reason. If Russia wants to hack you, they can. If the USA wants to hack you, they already have. I do not sell email addresses, but I would use them to notify registered readers of any updates to the books. The free book is a “living” book. There will be updates to it so it can evolve with the world. And here is another news flash: “you actually don’t have to enter a valid email address”. But then again, if you do not, you are admitting that fear got the best of you. In that case, you REALLY need to read the book.

6- “If I download the book and somebody finds out that I did, I might get ridiculed for reading a book from somebody that might be a nut-case.” Yeah, I can’t help you with that one either. People are mean, especially if they do not understand something that is different from their “norm”. The good news is that there will be less mean people as more people read the book. The book WILL be life-changing to those that wish to gain understanding. With that being said, reading the book, in and of itself, will not give you understanding. It will merely guide you so YOU can decide to find it or not. If you simply want to read it for entertainment value, then so be it. However, my series is MUCH more entertaining and contains much of what is in the free book, but is entwined with fiction.

I am sure there are many more reasons to get to the point of pressing the download link and aborting, but I really need to get some other work done.

The free book, “Understanding: One Man’s Revelations After Entering the Light” really isn’t anything you need to fear. What you should fear is not knowing what is in it. But first, you must harness your fear and become strong enough to start your journey. It is just one click away. Are you strong enough?

Still not convinced? This might help you over the hump. I hope to publish the books on Amazon and possibly Barnes and Noble within the next month. The disadvantage to procuring the books from them is that you will not be registered for update notices. Oh… and they will have your email address and track you for advertising purposes. But then again, I am sure everyone has an Amazon account by now, so that is no big deal.

There is one more roadblock to understanding… that is denial. Many people will simply deny the possibility that there is “something” during life and after death. To those people I suggest living their life away from others so it will be easier for those who gain understanding to build their eternal lives. You will only get in their way and your belief will be self-fulling anyway. Not every spirit makes their journey home.

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