Music links using Grooveshark are no longer available

The Yeath trilogy incorporates music links so readers can experience a bit more depth into the story, similarly to a movie. I use Grooveshark and three other sources for the music links. The Grooveshark links will no longer work because the organization was forced out of business when it was confirmed that they were not paying all of the royalties due to the artist. What a shame; greed won over being true yet again.

I also noted that some links on other music websites I use no longer work because the music website either erased the music or changed the location.

I will need to look into another avenue for music links. It is becoming apparent that I may need to use a site that requires people to create a membership account to play the music. I have resisted that avenue because many people will not want to create another account to keep track of. It seems as if every website is making it so you need an account. The reason is simple; they will then pepper you with spam or sell your information to the highest bidder.

Embedding the music into the book is also not an option, as the size of the book would exceed the download size from websites. Furthermore, it would be cost prohibitive for licensing.

In an effort to provide the best multimedia experience to my readers, it would be wonderful if you all could give me your recommendations for a music website to link the music to in my books. It is important to have some experience with the site so you can give me the pros and cons. The site would need to allow me to link directly to a specific song. Obviously, the reader would need to login to the website with the first link, but hopefully only once while they are reading along.

Another possibility is to purchase licensing rights to house the music on my own website. Don't hold your breath on that option, as I already looked into it and the licensing language is not clear. I also do not know if I could lock-out readers from downloading the music. Many people want something for nothing.

On another note, editing continues on my 4th book. It has been a VERY busy summer. That news will be forthcoming when things slow down a bit. And YES, I miss writing! I have a 5th book in my head and would love to begin working on it soon. In-case you are wondering... no, most times even I do not have a clue what is going to happen in one of my stories until it happens. For me, writing a book is similar to reading a book; I can't wait to see what happens next!

Enjoy the rest of the summer!