ZyLor Books will be using Spotify for music links within books

I have settled on using Spotify as the new method of providing the music links within our books. As I have said in a previous blog post, Grooveshark was closed down when it was learned that they were not paying royalties to the artists.

In order for the updated music links to work, you simply need to create a free account with Spotify. (www.spotify.com)

The first time you click on a music link in the book you will be brought to a Spotify login page. You only need to login to Spotify once during a reading session. However, a new window will appear each time you click on a new music link. I have no control over how that works.

There are two ways to use Spotify; through the web and through a local application on your device/computer. There are limitations and advantages either way. If you run it locally on a device, the music link will not use the local Spotify and another login page will come up to use it through the web. Music links point to a URL address, therefore the web version of Spotify is always used. However, I am working on a way for readers to open a playlist for each book on their local device so you no longer need to click a link in the book. You will simply login to Spotify locally on your device and keep the playlist open. When you see the link in the book, you would switch to the Spotify window and click on the music name to play it. That way you will no longer get a new window for each song and you will not need to wait for a new window to load.

Presently, only the preview of ZyLeath on my website is functional with the new links. None of my books have been updated with the new system. Once the new system is functional and tested thoroughly, the books will be updated. I encourage you to email me with any problems you might stumble upon with the new updated links.

Current owners of any of the Yeath trilogy books (ZyLeath 2nd edition, LyZeath, and YonTathia) can send me an email to request an updated book. I will email it to you at no cost when that book is updated.

Thank you all for your patience during this transition.