Prayers Will Not Work

I find myself, yet again, writing about the latest massacre that occurred in California. I’m not surprised; nothing has changed to thwart them. There is nothing we can do short-term to create enough change that will have a significant impact. What we are seeing is only the beginning of a sequence of events that will continue unless there is global change in humanity.

People do not understand what the real problem is. Democrats blame it on lack of gun control. Republicans blame it on not having enough private guns to defend ourselves. And then there are those that blame it on Muslims. Who “really” is to blame and what is the “real” problem?

I’ll address the first question. “We” are to blame. No, not solely Americans, ALL people across the globe. Don’t forget that two world wars did not start with America. Societal problems are not exclusive to any one particular continent. So, how can all people of the world be to blame?

People have been killing themselves off since they could move. Why? Because we are a warring and killing animal if we are not under the influence of a strong and true spirit. Once our spirit is suppressed (weakened), our behaviors revert back to its physical primal instinct. We become callous to killing and horrific deeds. There is no remorse or consciousness of doing what we define as evil. People become as numb as a person squashing a mosquito.

Now take that warring animal with a weak spirit and teach it a religion that brain washes people into killing in the name of a god. THAT is what you are seeing. My first book, ZyLeath, writes about this, but puts it into a fictitious environment.  For those that have read my trilogy, you may be able to figure it out. As I have said about the trilogy, it weaves reality into a fictitious setting.

There have been many people that have read the first chapter of my first book, ZyLeath, and did not read the rest because it “made them too uncomfortable”. Yet, those same people will be glued to their TV sets watching horrific deeds unfold in front of them. I guess we are becoming so numb to images on a screen that things do not bother us as much anymore. The reason they did not continue to read ZyLeath is because the writing placed them in the scene when it happened. And maybe… they felt “something” that made them uncomfortable. It was supposed to.

Now I’ll address the second question, “What is the ‘real’ problem”?

That gets much more complicated. This situation didn’t develop overnight. It has been a gradual process. First, let’s go back in history. EVERY large nation throughout history has fallen. ALL of them. You can even go back to the Aztecs that had huge cities. They are now just rubble. We keep destroying ourselves. It is not just a current event. How do we destroy ourselves?

Power, politics, economics, religion, selfishness, addictions, greed, and laziness.

You can mix and match any four of those and end up in serious trouble. If you combine all of them, then nations will crumble. Now look at where we are today. How many from that list do you see?

Our world simply cannot continue in the direction it is headed. Eventually something will trigger a catastrophic even that will be irreversible. Is that time next month? Next year? In a year? In a decade? In a century? My feeling is that it is within 1 to 200 years, depending on who is in power in the largest nations. With that being said, that “catastrophic event” may be death by a thousand cuts. In other words, it could be a gradual eroding of our society, which over time, causes a systemic collapse. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a nuclear holocaust. Large nations crumbled in antiquity without bombs or guns.

Communities are dysfunctional, politicians are as corrupt as ever, people go home to be satisficed by electronics, and we crave more and more with less and less physical work to get it. The pied piper has already taken our children, yet we never raised our head enough to see it happen. I’ll let you figure that one out yourselves. Heck, even when I blatantly point things out to people, most don’t want to “get it”. I can even tell you why, but it would take over 350 pages. (My 4th book)

So, why does the heading of my post say that “Prayers will not work”? Can you come up with some reasons? No? Maybe? Think hard here or be part of the problem.

Have you ever thought about what a prayer is? Take a minute to try to define it.

Now that you have thought about it, think about what a prayer will do for the people that are already dead. Do they get a free pass to a “heaven” if a bunch of people pray? Do the killers get a free pass to a “heaven” because they killed in the name of Allah? Many people are praying for them too. And how will your prayers work to stop these things from happening again? Many people, including the Pope, prayed after the Paris attack… but it happened again. Logic prevails… praying will NOT work. No magical god is going to descend down to earth, wave a staff, and make everything rosy just because you prayed and wish to return back to your life-sucking addictions. Don’t believe me? Then wait. Simply wait and see if I am right or wrong. If more killings happen before a magical god floats down from the sky, then you should begin to accept reality so something real can happen to correct the path we are on across the world.

What is the other option if praying does not work?

You will not like the resolution; therefore, I predict that in all probability, people will not do it. The answers will be in my 4th book.

Okay, now you are thinking that I am using a tragedy to sell a book. Nothing could be further from the truth. My 4th book will be released for FREE. Everyone has a feeling of entitlement these days, so there it is. Why am I really giving it away? Because a book like that should not need to be paid for. EVERYONE should have access to it regardless of their economic condition. Are you serious about trying to help fix our problem? Then read that book! I’m serious. I hope you gain understanding when you read it. If enough people gain understanding, then we have a chance.

In the mean-time, drop your damned electronic device, walk over to your child, (if you are fortunate enough to have one) and make a LARGE banner with them. Yes, a real physical project that you will work on together. If you live alone then do it by yourself, if you live with someone then join together to make it. On that banner write this:


Now pin that banner on the wall where you will see it every day, especially before you leave your house. And keep thinking about that phrase all day and every day. Once you remember it, then make every effort to live it. THAT is how we correct our way and get back on our path to home.

Does that sound too simple? Try it. I bet that within a few months many people will begin to feel a change in themselves and hopefully with their family. You see; fixing our world problems begins with you, then your family, then your friends, then with your community, then with your country, and then with the world. And on that note, to achieve that reach, you will have a 2nd project; send an email to everyone you know and ask them to make the same banner. Make banners for work as well. If you want, at the same time you can point people to my Facebook page and have them like it so they will be notified when the book is available for free downloading. The book will help you to achieve what the banner says.

And no, the book is NOT religious at all, in-case you are wondering. It is applicable to ALL people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or country. It is a book that can bring us all together and give us hints at where we should be some day. We are seeing the spread of radicalism that brings pain, suffering, misery, death, and hate. In contrast, my book will spread world unity, strength, opportunity, and peace.

From what I can tell so far, the editing of the book should be done within a month. With that said, it will be a constantly evolving document and will be updated periodically. Our world is dynamic, and so too will it be.

If WE reach enough people across the world with that simple message on banners, EVERYTHING will change. The good that will come from this initiative will stand up against the constantly growing “bad” until it becomes insignificant. (There will always be a certain amount of people that will do bad things. However, the trend we see today will reverse.) When people “feel” the change, they will drop their anger and will begin to see others as they should.

Now you have a decision to make. Do you pray and hope for the best, do you do nothing, or do you become involved to make this world better? It’s all up to you. Choose carefully; your real life is in jeopardy.

Live strong and true.

RJ Seney

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