It Did Not Take Long

On Friday, three ISIS suicide trucks detonated, killing between 50 and 60 civilians in Tel Tamer, Syria. No amount of prayers stopped it and no mystical being floated down from the sky to save anyone. I see that I was correct in my prediction in the last post.

Maybe you don’t even care about the bombings because it was in Syria. Maybe somebody might say that none of the prayers were directed toward Syrians. If not, then why? Syrians are people like you and I. They have a spirit, they have families, and they feel pain… just like you and I. Why would a “god” protect you and not them?

While I say that prayers do not work, maybe I should qualify that statement. Praying to a “god” for things that you want does not work. I’m not going to get into the nuts and bolts of why. However, think about what you are praying for. Most prayers are asking for something, asking to be protected, or asking for somebody to make it to a “heaven”.

Why those requests?

And why should a “god” do anything for you? Because you gave money to your place of worship? Because you gave a toy to a toy drive? Or maybe because you went to a place of worship like a good religious person?

Is that enough to get a special favor from a god? What would make you special enough to stop an ISIS attack on you? There are 7.3 billion people on earth. If all of them prayed to be protected, what would make a god give you what you asked for and not the other 7.3 billion people? Are you beginning to see the logic (or lack thereof) to all of this?

What are YOU going to do to achieve that which you are asking for? It appears that there are far too many people for a god to do anything for. Will you do anything if a god does not provide it to you for free? No? Maybe?

I wonder how many people made that banner I suggested to make. That was an ultra-simple step in the right direction, but I bet most people that read the post did not do a thing. Yet, some may have prayed for a god to do something for them while they lived their life as if nothing ever happened. Why would anybody feel that some magical being should do all the work for them, especially if they could not even do so much as write letters on a piece of paper? It kind of sounds like people treat their “god” like a slave or hired help. Why is there such a feeling of entitlement?

And that is why prayers do not work.

Now let’s take a look at praying for people after they die. Why would we do that? Is it that the person that died was not a good enough person to make it to their heaven on their own merits? If they were not, then why would a few people asking for a free pass for the dead person work when that person could not make it on their own? What would that person’s life be like in a heaven if they were not a good enough person to make it there on their own? What if there was a women that died at the same time and she did more good things while she lived, but was just a bit short on making it to “heaven”, however, she had no person praying for her because all of her relatives and friends had already died. What happens to her? She gets to watch a less “worthy” person make it and she does not? That does not appear fair, does it?

Folks, it just does not work that way. Forget the prayers for dead people. If they did not live a spiritually fulfilling life, then nothing you can ask for is going to make a bit of difference for them. And that is why I keep telling people to live strong and true. It is all about YOU and what YOU do here. If you are not willing to put in enough effort to live a fulfilling life, don’t expect any special favors just because a person asks for you.

So, now what do we do?

Turning this world around will take several things to occur. The first thing it will take is people that are willing to DO SOMETHING to change it. Talk is cheap and requires NO effort. If you are not willing to do a thing, then you have NO say about anything in this world. Simply survive in your hole and eventually die while the rest of us live and move ourselves forward. It is NOT our responsibility to assume your responsibility for you.

Change can happen one person at a time. You do not need to see major movement, but you do need to stay the course even when it appears futile. I’m not talking about volunteering to go to a third-world country to work for them. That too is mostly non-sustaining. The fact is; they should be helping themselves. Why do they need one more person in their country? They have millions of people there already that could be doing something to help. That is a topic for another day.

Like I said before, if you want to improve our world, start with yourself first. You CAN control that. And it is the single best thing you can do to assure that you will be alive in some capacity after you die. Do not rely on people praying your way to a “heaven”; make it happen yourself so you are very confident when you die. And frankly, any of us could die tomorrow, so you better start today. My 4th book will help you to take that first step if you can’t figure it out on your own.

Let us side-step for a moment…

I said that “praying” (A.K.A. repetitive chants or begging for something) does not work, yet, most people feel that they have a spirit that is connected to “something”. Well, you are. Instead of saying repetitive chants or asking for things, talk to the “something” in your head and ask for guidance that would enable you to move forward to make your life and the lives of others better. And then assume the responsibility to make it happen by saying that you WILL do something to make it happen.

Do you see how that is different? I’ll explain. You are asking for guidance. That is COMPLETELY different from asking for “things” or favors. Furthermore, you are accepting responsibility for making it happen, not assigning it to others or to a magical being to do for you.

For those of you that have convinced yourself that there is no “something” in our life, then nothing in my posts will interest you. So move along, live till you die, and then… die. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy and I have no interest in stopping you or trying to convince you otherwise. Now for all of the others…

Keep that “something” in your life as you live and keep living. And by living, I mean “real” living. Living that adds to who you are and makes this world better than when you came here. THAT is what you need to do.

You can call that “something” whatever you like. It is your spiritual connection. Most of us feel that it is there, but are totally clueless about what it “really” is. My 4th book will not only help you to understand what it is, but will also go into great detail about how it works. And again, my book is NOT about pushing ANY religion or a god. I will also not be telling people to believe in anything. My book is all about YOU.

Now, if you have not made that banner, go make it. You really do have to take a first step to make any difference in this world. Bitching about it or praying does nothing. Make something happen. YOU can do it. You ARE capable of making things better. You CAN influence your destiny. Ask for guidance and then move forward. You will be amazed how that will work if you commit to using the guidance and doing your part of living. If you persevere, then after a year you will be able to look back upon the prior year and see how you have changed. And when you change, others around you will be influenced as well. That is how we will counter the bad that we see today.

I wish you well on your journey if you commit to living it.

Live strong and true.