The writing of my fourth book is underway!

Hello all,

Firstly, I will provide a link to an inspirational piece of music. Give it a listen and then come back to read the rest of my post!

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As I said some time ago, I will always write. The Yeath trilogy is complete and I have begun to write my 4th book.

For those that have a spirit confident enough to endure the adventure in the Yeath trilogy, I bow respectfully to you as you progress on your own journey through the series. Each will find a combination of pieces that will build a micro-puzzle that will be unique for them. And for those that continue to feel hesitant or afraid to step forward, I offer my hand to you, as we should all do for each other.

Book #4 will be completely different from the first three books I wrote. There will be some overlapping themes; however, book #4 will be completely non-fictional.  If you read book 4, be prepared for the unexpected. It will certainly be controversial‚Ķ on a global scale. For some people it will incite hate, for others it will impart fear, and for those who wish to understand, it will be the most enlightening document they have ever read.

Stay tuned for the most revealing document of the past three millennia.

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