Welcome to my new website! The new site is enhanced to enable readers to view the first chapter of a book and to purchase it directly from this site. No more combing through on-line stores trying to find it! I will have the book available in three of the most popular eBook formats, so no matter what device you use for reading eBooks, you will be able to read the trilogy.

I may occasionally post pictures on this blog that are relevant to a book to make it more interesting for readers. (see example image below) If you see a picture and recognize where it is in a book, let me know! I like to hear comments from my readers. In-fact, the 2nd edition of ZyLeath has just been released and was enhanced based on reader comments. The beginning of ZyLeath was rewritten to help the reader through the foundation-building phase of the trilogy. For those that find the beginning to be emotionally challenging, I ask you to persevere. You will be justly rewarded by a brilliant adventure.

Also new to the trilogy are music  tags within the book to enhance the reader's experience. Some of the music is exactly the same as what the characters are listening to in the book! Other pieces of music are there to help the reader feel the mood of the book at that particular time in the adventure. It is like reading an epic musical and it comes to you at no additional cost! My new enhanced books stand unique among millions.

A complete list of the music titles is included in Appendix-B of ZyLeath 2nd Edition for those that wish to purchase the music. By purchasing the music, you can play it with your own music player when you come upon the music tags in the book or to play it in your music player of choice strictly for your own enjoyment. By purchasing the music, you do not have to rely on an internet connection to listen to it while reading the book or deal with links being broken to the music over time.

Also included in the enhanced 2nd edition is the addition of Appendix-A that lists names of characters and some unique words used in the Yeath series. The names and words are hypertext-links that will play the pronunciation of the words or names. Some names and words have brief descriptions to aid the reader while reading. There are no spoilers in the descriptions.

I would like to speak for a moment regarding the length of the book. Every book in the trilogy is epic. What does that mean, you might ask? You get a true adventure. This is not a quickly written short story that was produced just to build up the number of books on an author's shelf. Each book was meticulously written to give you a world filled with lives that move along throughout the trilogy. It gives you a journey to experience and the time to become intimately entwined with the personalities of the characters. It lives for you and provides an escape from your own world. When you are finished with the trilogy, you will remember the journey better than some of your own real memories. And if you pay particular attention, it will help you to touch those closest to you.

Be sure to like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rjseney.  We will try to create a reader list on this website and send out notices of blog entries or dates for when a new book will be released, but we will not have you on file if you have not purchased a book. In that case, if you "liked" the Facebook page, you will get a notification from there.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the Yeath Trilogy adventure. It is truly an unique epic journey you will never forget.

RJ Seney

Where in the book, ZyLeath, is this image?

Where in the book, ZyLeath, is this image?