Yontathia, the third volume in the Yeath trilogy is nearing completion!

I decided to devote a significant amount of time to get the third book in the Yeath trilogy out to readers for the holiday season. The editing has been completed, so it is time to focus on designing the cover. I hope to have that finished within one or two weeks.

Purchasing the books will also be changed, if possible. Instead of figuring out which eBook format to purchase, I will try to bundle all three types into one purchase. This change will help readers that own several different reading devices or are unsure what to download.

Lastly, I hope to be able to sell the trilogy as a bundle. Some readers have expressed an interest in purchasing the entire trilogy in one bundle to give away as gifts during the holidays. I am not sure how flexible the hosting software will be for me to be able to make these new changes, but I will do my best to make it happen.

On another note, some of my followers of my original poultry website have expressed an interest in resurrecting it. That project is a bit in the future, but I am contemplating bringing it back for those people. It had some interesting information about the new breed of chicken I genetically created from scratch years ago. If it is possible, I will make it available as a menu selection off the homepage of this site.

Many people have asked me what I'll do after the trilogy is done. Well, I'll continue to write. Some people knit, others watch TV, and others play video games. For me, relaxing is writing. That is how I unwind at the end of a day. So expect more books. I already have begun to write two of them in my mind. One actually has a few pages of notes written already.

Happy reading!