LyZeath, the 2nd book in the Yeath trilogy is coming soon!

Thank you all for your patience while we put the finishing touches on the 2nd book in the Yeath Trilogy. It is coming closer to reality each day.

Here is where we are in the process:

The book cover was completed today. It will have a look and feel similar to the 2nd edition of ZyLeath. While I was at it, I also began to work on the cover for the third book in the trilogy, called YonTathia. It's pretty exciting!

Editing is nearly completed on LyZeath. There are about two more days of work and it should be ready. Editing such a large book takes a considerable amount of time and the only guarantee is that there will be some things that were missed. We have done our best to make it a wonderful reading experience.

After the editing is finalized, I will work on the music links. That could take up to a week to incorporate.

Next in line is adding the audio pronunciations of any new words that are not common to our language. I will take the appendices from ZyLeath and add on to it for LyZeath. That will give readers access to unique names and terms they might have forgotten from the first book. Creating the appendices will take a couple of days to accomplish.

Finally, I will need about another week to setup the internet pages to incorporate the new book into this website. The hosting company has launched a new programming interface, so there may be a learning curve to getting things situated. We'll see.

My goal is to have the book published on this website in about 3 weeks if everything goes smoothly. Stay tuned.

LyZeath will be well worth the wait. The adventure continues where the original one left off in the 1st book, ZyLeath. Expect to have your emotions touched by the story. It is written for people to feel things so they will develop a better understanding of what is happening. The music helps in that regard as well.

Like in the first book, sometimes the emotion you will feel will not be pleasant. The book is written to reflect reality... a reality we often try to hide from and not admit exists. But it does exist and we must always acknowledge it, lest it suddenly becomes a dominant factor in our lives. One only needs to watch the world news to see a glimpse of how that works.

LyZeath will bring that reality into focus and then take you on a journey that carves its way through it. As in real life, there will be moments that the true human spirit shines through, even in the toughest of times. When that happens, we begin to live strong and true, building our ark of life that will give us safe passage on our journey home.