Senate Majority Leader McConnell Should Resign

I am appalled at how Senate Majority Leader McConnell refuses to vote on bills if they are not blessed by Donald Trump. That is a travesty!

Congress is supposed to act independent of the President. Our forefathers made it clear that there are the tree points of government; the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President. Each is supposed to act independent of the others. Regardless of that intent, since Trump was put into office, the Republicans in Congress have bowed to him and have become his servants, regardless of the negative impacts to our government and county.

Congress was afraid of Trump and therefore was subservient to him during Trump’s first two years in office. The Republicans in Congress saw Trump as an opportunity to get what they wanted while stroking him to get it. They sold their dignity and their loyalty to their country for personal conquest.

The people of the United States did not like that and took action by voting for a Democrat controlled House of Representatives. The message was clear. Nevertheless, the Senate Republicans are acting like sore losers and are kicking Americans in the teeth for voting. This is a payback tactic to Americans by Senate Republicans and a tantrum fit by Trump for not being able to have his way now that one part of the triangle is not his servant anymore. How childish by both of them. They all need to grow up.

When the Senate gets a bill from the House, it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY and obligation to hold a vote on it. They should never second-guess the President and should take an independent stand based on their values and the facts presented. That is the way it needs to be done. That way, the citizens will see their elected officials taking action and know how they will vote on important issues. But no, they will not do that because they only want to vote when they absolutely know that a bill will pass so they will look like they are getting things done when they take a photo opportunity with the President. That is wrong.

The Senate needs to do their job and take a stand regardless of the threats from the President. They should send a clear message to the President that he alone does not control the United States. That is the type of representation that the people voted for. They did not vote for a bunch of lackeys that are so set in their partisan ways that they cannot function as an independent arm of government.

Therefore, we have no other choice than to vote them all out. Flush the toilet of stagnation and start over. Vote in representatives that are true representatives OF THE CITIZENS and who will act as an independent arm of the government, like it was designed to do. Refuse the let our government turn into an autocratic government like Russia and North Korea.

McConnell has proven himself to be dysfunctional and nothing more than Trump’s water boy. He should resign and do something else with his life. It is obvious that he is not fit to be the Leader of the Senate, much less a Senator at all. Quit and give somebody else a chance to get government back on the right tract. McConnell, you are no longer functional. It is clearly time for you to retire.

Fragmentation of the World Continues

The world is in a perilous state. Fragmentation of alliances has begun, dictators are becoming emboldened, extremists are fortifying, and there is fueled discord erupting in our allied countries. This is the unfolding of a plan orchestrated by Russia years ago. There is an old adage that applies here; divide and conquer. The final key to activate that state of unrest was the election of Donald Trump.

We can see the euphoria in the greeting of the Russian and Saudi Arabian dictators recently. When a dictator of a country is that gleeful, it is easy to understand way. They don’t simply show that much emotion unless a masterplan is being executed with precision. The sad reality is that the United States helped to contribute to that euphoria. Russia and two of its authoritarian allies used the Unites States to help defeat their enemies that stood in the way of getting the control they wanted. Our Russian-fueled hatred for a group of people caused us to conduct joint military efforts with these authoritarian leaders. What we got out of it is nothing. Less than nothing, to be exact. We helped to kill thousands of children with bombs and by starvation, simply to hand over control to dictators that brazenly order the killing of people that speak out against them. We are strengthening anti-democracy throughout the world.

It is time to stop winning wars for other countries that leave us with nothing to show, other than severe debt and hatred toward us when it is over. We need to stop killing innocent children around the world in the name of religion and for monetary gain. Our country’s actions contribute to discourse around the globe, enable rogue dictators, and run up debt that will eventually trigger a severe recession, if not a depression, while fracturing our alliances across the globe. When all of those factors intersect, you will see emboldened moves by the other world powers. We will be too weak as a nation to overcome them and we will have no global united front to stop it.

The United States was always the leader in democracy and kindness to those in need. That is why the respect of democracy spread around the globe. And that is what helped contribute to the strength of our country. That trend is reversing. The more selfish our people become, the more vulnerable we will be to weakness and discord. If the United States and its allies run up debt, sever close ties, brush aside global unity, become inward thinking, and need to shift their focus to quell civil unrest, then we will be ripe for a third World War. Governments will shift to elect selfish, overbearing individuals that are self-centered and egotistical, making promises to their people that they never intend to keep. We have seen this before. This is nothing new. People love promises, not reality. After all, that is why Trump was voted into office. It can happen in any country if it can happen here.

Trump has been made the fool by Putin and other dictators around the world. He was their pawn because they knew that they could stroke him to get him to do their bidding. His ego, stupidity, and selfishness were his downfall and they used it against him brilliantly. While he is beginning to see it, Trump has painted himself into a corner with no exit strategy. Mueller is on his heels, everyone around him is jumping ship, he is surrounded by incompetence, the Democrats are at the gate with teeth barred, and his family business dealings are about to be ripped wide open. Trump has no good options; therefore, he will fight hard to stay in office where he is afforded protections because of his position. Regardless, a person cannot be President forever in the United States. The 22nd amendment to the Constitution, that set term limits for a President, was the last form of protection to curb a rouge president if Congress and the people failed to act responsibly. (Think NOW!)

Our government has been the epitome of selfishness and revenge. When you put those two negative traits together, dysfunction is the result. The people of the United States voted-in Russia’s candidate for our President and then Congress enabled him so they could get what they selfishly wanted. Instead of acting responsibly and curbing the idiocracy of this authoritarian aristocrat, they stroked him.

The above was written 2 weeks ago and never posted. I will now amend this post with current events.

Unbelievable. If a movie was created with all of the events we are seeing, nobody would believe it was possible and the movie would fail. Yet, here we are. It is not a bad dream that we can awaken from. I’ll address a few topics:

Venezuela – It is shocking how this topic was pushed aside so quickly. Folks, Putin just put two nuclear bomb planes right next door to us. Hello! Do you know what was in those planes? I can assure you he wasn’t dropping off coffee beans. We have no global strategy to address this. Furthermore, Putin is pushing Trump to do some seriously stupid moves that are used to distract our government from this crisis. Yes, this is a crisis; yet, our government is so busy trying to handle a wild rabid animal, called the President, that it simply has no time to focus on this issue. Someday in the future this will come back to haunt us. Seriously.

Troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan– Russia has used us to fight its enemies and now it wants us out of the picture to implement its next move. Putin has got us to draw down our resources fighting a war that, even if won, would give us NOTHING in return. We didn’t win any war here! We increased debt, made more enemies, lost soldiers, and killed thousands of humans, only to hand the countries over to Putin and his allies to manipulate. We had no end-game, no strategy for what we were trying to achieve. Therefore, there was nothing to achieve. Some people say it was to prevent casualties from another 9/11. Really? Look at the statistics:

Deaths at the 9/11 attack: 2,996

Deaths of soldiers fighting after 9/11: 6,954 with 52,679 wounded

Deaths of soldiers committing suicide since 2005: 78,000

Deaths of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan: 210,000

Cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: Depending on which study you look at, it varies from 4.3 trillion to 5.6 trillion. However, what is also important to note is that the interest on the debt incurred to wage these wars will cost an extra 7.9 trillion. On average, every tax payer will have payed $23,386 for the wars since 2001.

In retaliation for the 2,996 people lost at 9/11, we sacrificed 87, 950 US citizens. We expended Trillions of dollars and incurred unsurmountable debt. And now we leave the battlefield with nothing, leaving it to the very people that caused the 9/11 attack. Unbelievable!

Would I like to see us out of Syria and Afghanistan? Absolutely! We never should have been in there the way we were to begin with. We had no end-game and no strategy. Therefore, there is nothing to win. When you have that scenario, you always lose. Regardless, I do not see that leaving those two countries abruptly as a smart move. It is too arbitrary and we have too many alliances that will be severed. (Again, the divide and conquer strategy by our adversaries.) With that being said, with a Commander-in-Chief that is an idiot, there isn’t anything we can negotiate effectively or have any chance of winning these days. We are a boat out in the ocean with nobody at the helm, all the crew has quit, and a storm is throwing the ship around. All the while, the Captain is telling everyone that the storm is fake news. Do note that the Captain is wearing a life vest that says “Made in Russia”. (That has a remote detonator on the back of it.)

Are we better off today because of the wars in the Middle East? No. There are 87, 950 families that lost loved ones in the wars and we are becoming so numb to violence and death that we are breeding our own terrorists. (Think school shootings and other types of mass deaths.) And now we have shackled our future in debt. Our children will have less and our grandchildren even less than that. There is a cost to killing people. There is always a monetary cost, a human life cost, and a spiritual cost. Those are what I showed you above with those numbers.

Does that mean we should not have a military? No. At least not in the foreseeable future for this generation. It does mean that we need to work together toward global unity. But that is not what we are seeing. We are seeing division. Division will lead to another world war. In the last world war, we lost 291,557 soldiers, with 671,846 wounded. The next World War will kill millions. And the next world war will destroy large areas of land that will no longer be able to sustain human life. Does that mean we should cave to terrorists and to autocratic leaders so there will be no world war? No. There are many things that are much worse than physical death. Always remember: We are here to grow strong and true spiritually. If we give up that purpose, than humanity has no purpose to exist.


Government Shutdown – Third time this year! Trump owns this. First he said that he would own it… he lied again. Now he blames it on the Democrats once it happened. He is a bully and is willing to destroy anything to get his way. Why is this happening? There are several reasons. One, he thinks that if he gets a wall built that his chances of reelection are better. Remember; if he is not reelected he will certainly face MANY charges and will spend time in jail. Secondly, Putin shakes Trump’s prison keys, making Trump do his bidding. Putin loves it when our government shuts down. It makes it easier for him to do things under the radar. This will not get better over the next two years. As long as Trump is President, he will always force his hand and hold hostage whatever he can. In-fact, it may become worse, as the Democrats control the house. Trump had a better chance with complete Republican control. He will now find things much more difficult when he will be forced to accept a House that thinks counter to his thinking. Our best bet is if the Senate and the House learn to work together, in spite of Trump. If Congress becomes polarized, things will certainly get much worse. If they work together, then we have a chance of weathering the Trump storm for the next two years. If they cannot… well, one can only imagine the unimaginable that could happen.

China Trade War – Let’s be frank here; there was/is a problem with trade relative to China. We only have ourselves to blame. We MADE it happen. China was simply all too eager to give us what we clamored for and fed our habit. Therefore, we must assume some of the blame. With that being said, taking steps like Trump did relative to trade shows a lack of understanding of the dynamics of trade and strategy. Trump is stupid, does not read important information, and is lazy. Therefore, his decisions are always what he calls, “from his gut”.  The problems with that way of management is the fact if you do not understand a concept and are unwilling to learn, then your decisions are purely random and are destined to not be optimal. We did need to take steps to improve our trade relations; however, the steps taken by Trump are working counter to how they were supposed to be intended. (Or how Trump wanted them to be perceived.) Again, the Putin prison keys rattle. A trade war with China, the way it was implemented, ultimately hurts the United States and China. If you are Putin, and you are the third of the three biggest economies, that looks pretty good, from his perspective. We also have a problem with China stealing our technology. We have been educating their engineers for years in our universities, where they were very happy to pay full tuition. Coupled with our technology secrets, that was a quick way to boost their economy and world power. We were fools for not managing that better. Like the old adage goes, “a fool and their money are soon parted”. China is charting a course to be THE world power and to dominate manufacturing across the globe. While I understand that each country should take steps to remain healthy economically, what we are seeing is something much more aggressive. China has stolen our technology and is using it to create a single country monopoly on goods. The “Made in China 2025” is not a secret plan. They boldly tell the world where they are going. Our status in the technology world is diminishing and we need to take steps to protect it. While I wish every country economic health, when I see a country aggressively taking steps to economically assault the United States for their own gain, I begin to understand that their respect for other countries is lacking and they are becoming too selfish and power hungry for world unity.

Will things improve with trade as Trump’s tenure continues? They might. Trump makes random quick decisions without thinking. He could change his mind tomorrow. (Or simply lie about it.) However, that does not mean that his next decision will be any better than his first. He has no concept of strategy.

North Korea – What? You forgot about North Korea? Just because it is not in the news does not mean that nothing is happening in North Korea. Kim Jong-un is more than happy to have the attention focused on Trump and all of the problems he caused for himself. That frees him to avoid sanctions easily and to move forward with his initiatives without being under a microscope. Trump has backed away from North Korea, but be assured; North Korea is not on pause.



How do we fix everything? Like all of our situations, these problems will persist with Trump in office. The single best thing for the United States is to remove him from office (legally and by due process). With that being said, the impact of the damage caused by Trump may take decades to repair.

As I said in another post, the economic upswing from the Obama administration continued forward as Trump took office. The policies of a President take time to be felt and also take time to wane. Trump coasted for two years while the effect of the Obama era continued on its own for two years. That lag-time is up and now what we are experiencing is the Trump affect. We are beginning to feel the impact from his decisions. That impact will be felt for some time, including into the first two years of the next President to take office in 2020. That lag-time works both ways. The first two years of the next President will be even more arduous than it was for Obama’s first two years. Do not expect a rosy outlook for a very long time. Our fiscal position is in much worse condition than it was for Obama when he took office, and that was not good at all.

There are some things you can do during this tumultuous time. People need to take responsibility for their government and not let themselves become complacent. Everyone must take time to read REAL news and stay informed of what is happening, and then take steps to help. It is your life folks! Do not sit back and hope that there is somebody looking out for you. Nobody is. Therefore, you must do your part to assure that your government works for everyone’s interest and that the government works correctly.

The Trump/Putin team has methodically destroyed world unity and our democracy. And let’s not forget about China, who has stolen most, if not all, of our trade secrets and technology. You should be scared shitless. I’m serious. This is not a good time folks. Yet, most people go about their lives as if they live in a protected bubble. Other countries are hoping that you will stay that way while they build their nations and chip away at our democracy.

The 2018 elections were a start in the right direction, but we are far from being out of harm’s way. Trump’s walls are caving in and he is facing mounting pressure from Putin. Putin holds the keys to Trump’s jail cell and he is jingling them in front of Trump. Think about this for a minute; what is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a rich person that has lived an entire life of luxury? Prison. Trump will do absolutely ANYTHING to not go to jail. He will sell off the entire United States if it means keeping his ass out of prison. The tragedy is… he has already sold us out.

The closer Mueller gets to Trump, the more erratic Trump becomes. That doesn’t happen if a person is innocent and has nothing to hide. What you are seeing is an angry, scared, selfish, stupid, and desperate person that is trying to keep his ass out of jail at all costs. And this is the person that is supposed to lead our country. He can’t do it. He has proven that he cannot do it. We are in the worst situation possible. We have no leaders, we have no money, we have mounting debt, we are losing our allies, and we have no global unity.

So, what comes next? More of the same before things get even worse. The stock market, which is a reflection of the perception of our economic future, is tanking. That is a serious leading indicator of a recession. So why haven’t we experienced a recession already? Because people keep spending money.  They keep the stream of money moving. You see, our monetary system is bogus. We do not have hard assets to back-up the “value” of what we perceive as “money”. Our financial system is one giant chain letter. The ones that lose are the ones that pay-in just before somebody decides that the chain letter was all a scheme and they stop the letter’s flow to others. When people stop spending money, as a reaction to the fear of a recession, then we will go into a recession.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Only this time, we are in such poor financial shape that the recession WILL fall into a depression because we are so laden with debt and interest payments on that debt. Without a source of stimulus money, we will be hard pressed to come out of it. Many businesses will fail and unemployment will skyrocket.

Do note that Russia has been positioning itself in a better financial situation. Putin is preparing for the future that he has been orchestrating for some time now. With that being said, he should understand that desperation leads to violence, and they are not immune to violence. And a nuclear war will wipe them off the face of the earth. Furthermore, if Trump is faced with a decision of prison time or launching nuclear missiles at Russia to keep himself from going to jail, he will certainly push the button. Therefore, Putin better understand that his puppet is unpredictable in one sense, and predictable in another. Trump is toxic to everyone, even his allies.

Trump will not be president forever. The world should take note of that. Americans should also be keen to not panic regarding our current financial situation. However, at the same time, we need to become less selfish and figure out a way to relieve our grandchildren of the shackles of debt and war. The United States must bring in new leaders that are not personally selfish and who’s agenda is truly to strengthen our country and to bring global unity to the forefront.

We cannot sustain selfishness and divisiveness. History has proven that. We do not study history in grade schools just to produce grades on a piece of paper. We learn about history so we can become smarter, more strategic, and to not repeat mistakes made by our ancestors.

World Unity is the only way forward. Fighting has proven futile. Every year there are more human casualties, and every year more humans are born to replace them… to become more casualties. It is a fight that cannot be won. Even the Native Americans learned that fact in the northeast many years ago before Europeans entered this country. That is why 5 tribes came together, in the FIRST American democracy and created the Iroquois Nation. (That is actually called Haudenosaunee.)  Before that, they were constantly at war, living in misery and fear.

Until Trump resigns, is impeached, or his term ends, do not expect stability in the United States or the world. He is not a stable man and he is not fit for the Presidency. The best we can do is to continue to vote better people into office, not panic, and concentrate on making our own fiscal situations more stable. Get a handle on your debt, live within your means, and purchase things that help you with your life instead of entertaining you. Over time you will see stability in your family and, as a whole, stability in the United States. Do not think that somebody is going to magically save you from anything. Your life is dependent on YOU. Do not let anyone else, like a rogue President, keep you away from a brilliant and peaceful future. Stay informed and step up to the plate in your community and your government. If you can do that, then there will be less opportunities for selfish people to destroy humanity.

As always, live strong and true to be forever.

RJ Seney

And So The Unraveling Continues…

What a day, you might be thinking. Well… it hasn’t been just today. What we are seeing has been brewing for some time. The unraveling of our country, and possible demise, accelerated when Trump took office.

The divide between citizens in our country has not been this tense since the Civil War. And we all know what that did to us. We lost 620,000 people in the Civil War. Yes, we killed off more of our own people over hate than in any other single war. It appears that we haven’t learned a damned thing from our history classes in grade school.

Today it was pipe bombs. Before that it was a gun. And let us not forget about the use of automobiles to kill those that somebody hated. People are being hated for no other reason than for being alive. Hateful people don’t even need a weapon. Just look at the Senator that body slammed a media guy. It isn’t the weapons folks; it’s who we have as the President and the messages he has been sending. Angry people will strike out against others in whatever way they can. Trump builds anger and hate.

We also saw the stock market plunge again. Stocks are now lower than they were at the beginning of the year. And new housing starts are down significantly. While the stock market is based in-part on perceptions, the new housing starts is a very important leading indicator of where we are heading. That is a solid number that doesn’t jump around on a daily basis.

Do you still think Donald is a great president? Really? The economy was spurred by Obama. Trump had nothing to do with it. Trump has simply been around for the ride and is trying to take credit for it. There is always a shadow effect of one to two years from a prior administration’s policies. But they eventually run out and the new administration’s policies begin to take over and have an affect. Furthermore, if you borrow money and spend it like there is no tomorrow, everything looks and feels great while you are spending it. It is only when you need to pay it back that it begins to hurt. That time is coming folks. There is no free lunch.

And now we are seeing the dominoes fall. Let’s take a look at what is happening:

·       Hate is tearing our country apart. (Lead by Donald Trump)

·       Politicians are becoming extreme. Their goal is no longer about running the country; it is about getting revenge.

·       The rich are getting richer, especially after their huge tax break.

·       Stock market is crashing.

·       Oil prices are rising.

·       Interest Rates are rising.

·       Prices for goods are rising.

·       Trade wars are killing opportunity and businesses.

·       Climate change is unbridled because environmental policies were killed by Trump. Our world is dying.

·       Russia is become more emboldened and looking toward the Baltic countries. The United States and our (former) strong allies are no longer a concern of his.

·       Every country in the world hates us.

·       Nuclear arms race is beginning again.

·       Unbridled government spending is causing a huge budget deficit.

·       Government debt is growing astronomically.

·       Our President cannot be trusted at all… by anyone, even his followers (Who don’t really care)

·       Devastation from storms is growing. Lives will be lost and the cost of recovering will skyrocket.

·       The Catholic Church acknowledged the massive sexual molestation that has been going on for decades. Folks; spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Religions are a superstition perpetuated by past rogue leaders. When will the world figure that out? If we understood true spirituality we would not find ourselves in this catastrophic event.

·       The United States has isolated itself from Global policy, cooperation, and collaboration. We no longer are a positive influence in the world.

·       Putin is stronger and more influential than at any other time in his tenure. He does his people no good by positioning their country the way he does. The Russian people are the only ones that can fix that. But they are now too afraid. No good is going to come from this. Like Americans, the Russians need to take back control of their country. There should be no reason for our two countries to fear or hate each other. We are all from one, all have spirits, and all need to build time of living together.

·       Middle class income is sinking into lower class.

·       Social networking and computer gaming is wreaking havoc on the minds of our children and families. Our youth are becoming dysfunctional. Some are becoming psychotic and are lashing out, killing people senselessly. Others are suffering from depression and committing suicide. Our youth do not understand their purpose in our world and are seeing too much bad.

·       Drug addictions are skyrocketing and killing people in all classes.

·       Soldiers continue to commit suicide at an alarming rate… yet, nobody is alarmed.

·       Student debt is unmanageable.

·       Cost for a college education is astronomical and not commensurate with salaries or job opportunities afterward.

·       The cost of automobiles is becoming unapproachable, causing increased debt for everyone… that are already buried in debt.

·       Health Care coverage is being chipped away by Republicans in Congress and by Trump.

·       The cost of healthcare is unbridled.

·       We are losing wild bees and nobody can figure out why.

·       Our oceans are dying.

·       Ocean levels are rising.

·       Herbicides are entering our bodies and we have no clue what it will do to us.

·       Plastics are in our bodies and we have no idea what they are doing to us.

·       People do not care about everything mentioned above, just so long as their smartphones still work. Seriously.

I’ve said, over and over again, that this was coming. What we are seeing is part of the catastrophic event that has been unfolding for some time now. It is real folks. You don’t have to believe it or wait for it to get here… simply put your social media down and look around you. And I mean, REALLY look! What kind of a life do you see? Are you REALLY living? Do you even know what living means? Or… are you simply existing while your time of living is being stolen by an electronic device?

Are you finally beginning to “get it” why it is extremely important to think before you vote? Is your vote selfish or is it logical? Was your vote for revenge or for your future?

There is no magic bullet that can help us. There is no magical or holy being that is coming down from the sky to “save” us. I find it interesting that the worse things get, the more people flock to see movies of superheroes. Well folks, we made this mess and it is up to us to get us out of it. The coming months and years are going to be very trying. There was a cost for that tax break. There is a cost for Trump being in office. There is a cost for the national debt. And there is a cost for Government overspending. That cost is YOUR cost. The money to pay for it comes from YOU, not the upper 1%, and not from Trump. YOU! (And your children and grandchildren.)

If you are one of those Trump supporters that wears one of those red “Make America Great Again” hats, then you might want to buy a few cases of them because you just might need to use them to keep warm, while you burn them in a trash can to keep warm in the future. Maybe you should first write over them; “Make me warm for 30 seconds”. But heck, you could have done that by peeing yourself.

I wish I could say that we have seen the worse. We have not. The unraveling will simply continue. Yes, something might “seem” to get better from time to time, but you must look at the total movement of where we are going. One-day improvements mean nothing. Hollow speeches mean nothing.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to vote in November. That is one of the few ways that you can make a difference. It is still going to take a lot of time, effort, and money to get us out of this mess, and I’m sure not all of those elected will do a good job. But it is a start. The last thing you want is for the staunch “Republicans” to keep Congress locked up. We need to flush the toilet of bad politicians and get a new set in that are willing to work for the people, not Trump.

Don’t get me wrong regarding politics; I put the word ‘Republicans’ in quotes above for a reason. There is no such thing as a Republican human or a Democrat human. The fact is that there are “Republicans” and “Democrats” in Congress. These are the staunch brain-washed people that grew from the dysfunction in our Federal Government. However, I do not consider citizens of the United States to be a party name. We are all Americans. We are all humans. And it is time to put Americans in government instead of political puppets.

I sense revolts and civil unrest if the “republicans” retain control over Congress. There is only so much Americans will take. Desperation is a serious motivator. And the bad part about that is that civil unrest may be the people’s only option if our government does not respond. Unfortunately, that is what Putin is hoping for.

My message to the world: Live Strong and True. It is THE only way for humanity to survive.

RJ Seney

China found to be planting hardware spies into our electronics

Is life imitating art? Do my books forecast future events?

Well… since the hardware spy implants from China occurred before my books were published, it can’t be life imitating art. Did I “know” that China would hack our hardware? NO. However, I understood it to be. Just like I described the engineering principles of Cylvactrens in my series. What is a Cylvactren? You will need to read the series to find out. Or… you can simply wait for a decade or two. I did write about that one first, for sure.

To be clear, I mention many things that will happen in my books. They will not play out exactly as the story in the series. Real issues, current and future, are wrapped around a fictitious story. Someday my series will be a very important document. It lays out much of what will occur and how some events should be dealt with. Will a ZyLor come to be? No. At least not in the context of how it is in the series. However, the world will need to deal with everything that is in the series. Remember; it is called “Losing Humanity”. That has to tell you something. Will humanity follow the path exactly like that in the book? That is for you to decide. It is the choice of humanity collectively.

As an aside, I find it interesting that China is now the country with the second-most amount of people visiting my website. I wish to welcome them to my site. We are all humans and all countries have people of honor and with wonderful spirits. I do not fault their people for some of the shortcomings of their leaders. I hope they see us similarly. We are all human and no one is without fault. It is my ideal for our world that someday all cultures will exist in equilibrium and all people will be free to live strong and true collectively.

RJ Seney

Pope Francis; there is no devil, but you are getting close

I read that Pope Francis stated that the devil is tearing the Catholic Church apart and wants parishioner to chant prayers every day in October to thwart it. As Winnie the Pooh puts it… Oh bother!

For those that have read my books, you probably know where I am going with this. My last book clearly explains that there is no devil and why it would be pointless for one to be created. The “devil” is a characterization of an evil making demon that was concocted to be a scapegoat for explaining the bad deeds that people do and to scare people into submission to the church.

With that being said, Pope Francis is effectively calling an “accuser” the devil. Yes, a living, breathing, human being. Now he is getting close to “evil”.

Evil is not a devil. It is convenient for religious folk to say that “the devil made me do it” to defend themselves as if they were an innocent bystander for when they did something wrong. In other words, they use it to lay blame on something else for what they did.

Evil is what people do when their spirit is not strong and true enough to guide them to do good and to live a productive life. When a person does not have the influence of their spiritual connection in their daily life, then the control of their existence falls, by default, to their physical animal attributes. And as I have stated time and time again, we are essentially a warring, selfish animal with a spirit. An animal is always looking out for itself and sometimes for its pack. A pack is made up of family members.

Are any bells ringing in your head yet? Any light bulbs turning on in your head? I hope so. Think about current events and apply what I have said. Now things should be much clearer about why things are the way they are.

Is it the devil that is doing all of the bad things we are seeing in the news? No. It is people with weak spirits. So when Pope Francis states that the person who is accusing him of a bad deed is the devil, he is getting close because he is humanizing the “devil”. He is humanizing evil. It just might be that his accuser has a weak spirit and his physical inclinations are taking over. Evil is simply the animalistic things that people do when their life is not influenced by their spiritual connection to “Home”.

If you take this further; if a person “prays” to an angel so the angel will attack the devil, you could simply state that people should communicate with their spiritual connection to help guide people to become more strong and true so people do not do “evil”. Yet another way to state it is to have them ask their spirit guides to help guide them to live strong and true and not live like a warring, selfish animal.

You should always welcome your spirit guides into your life. We all have them. And no, they are not invisible flying naked babies with giant bird wings. They are simply a spiritual energy that is a part of your spiritual existence.

Now that you know what “evil” is, you should be able to identify it in our government. It will help you to make sense out of everything that you are seeing. Will praying help? No. There is no single entity that you can ask to do your bidding. However, if everyone tries to live their life strong and true, and to welcomes their spiritual existence into their lives, then there will be a seismic shift.

In regards to the “accuser”, the Pope is playing the “angel” card to get people to chant prayers in his support so he will not lose followers. Chants (prayers) were created to harden a belief system. It is a form of brainwashing. His motives are selfish. Selfishness is “evil”. He is doing everything wrong in regards to the sex scandals, but it is all he knows.

Did the Pope know about the sex abuses? I feel confident that he must have known. However, his religion is based on accusing a devil of doing the evil deeds, not the human being. Therefore, if you look at it from his perspective, the priests were not doing it; the devil was. Therefore, the priests were innocent bystanders and can simply be “forgiven”. Therefore… the Pope was quiet, lest he stir the coals of religious doubt with the people.

The fact is; people are learning that religions are bogus. Let me make this perfectly clear; I am not saying everyone should abandon their Christian religion. All religions are bogus, and for many people, it is too late to stop believing in them. They simply have it hardened in their brain that religions are right. And that “their” religion is the only right religion. To try to take that away from people would be similar to taking away their children. They simply have no spiritual foundation without their religion. With that being said, it is time for people that are not yet religiously brainwashed to embrace true spirituality so they can become strong and true. Our entire world will benefit if they do. It is real, it costs nothing because we all have the connection, and it is really, really simplistic. It is natural.

In regards to the religions, time is taking its toll on them. Especially the Christian religion. People are finally coming to the realization that a religion based solely on men, and astonishingly, men that abstain from sex, that it is unsustainable and those men have some serious emotional issues. It is not natural to abstain from sex. It should be obvious that those men are going to have sex of some sort. Whether it is homosexual relations amongst themselves, prostitutes in another town, or pedophilia, they ARE going to have sex. To think otherwise is foolish. So yes, these men are going to do what animals do; they are going to have sex. And what better to prey on than young children that are so influenced by religious power and are so innocent. Yes… some of these men are wolves in priests clothing. Deal with it Francis. Deal with it world.

RJ Seney


With Brett Kavanaugh being voted into the Supreme Court, democracy has once again been pummeled.

Is it because he sexually attacked Ms. Ford?

No. It was readily apparent that it was a he-said, she-said argument that would remain unprovable. Do I “know” that Brett attacked Ms. Ford? No. Do you? No. With that being said, everyone will “believe” one side or the other. However, it does not make either one true. So what is the travesty?

The travesty is that Brett Kavanaugh does not have the integrity to be a member of the most important court in the nation. It was clear and blatantly obvious that Brett lied during his hearing. I’m not saying that his denial of an attempted rape was a lie. It could have been, but it also may not have been. Anybody can accuse another person falsely. Regardless, Brett lied about passing out drunk, he lied about knowing what was said in yearbooks, and he lied about what he did with alcohol. That SHOULD have been the real story. THAT made him untrustworthy and should disqualify anyone.

Instead, people took a position of “belief” regarding the rape and did not focus enough on the integrity of the candidate. Republican law makers ignored the integrity issue because they were selfish, greedy, power stoked, and hateful of “Democrats”. Yes, HATE of a group of people that citizens elected into office. HATE of people that disagree with their position. They were smart to put the focus on the rape accusation because they knew it was completely unprovable and it would bury the “real” story; the facts of the lies that COULD be proven.

This is the travesty… the lawmakers we are supposed to trust are untrustworthy, selfish, and full of hate. The fungus is in Congress and it is also in the White House. Democracy is being attacked and it is losing. And the winners of spiritual weakness are joyous and celebrating, while our country continues its moral freefall.

Voting Brett into the Supreme Court was not about truth, honesty, justice, fairness, democracy, or any semblance of honor and respect. The Republican lawmakers wanted “their way” regardless of the attributes of the candidate being put on the bench. In-fact, putting a person on the Supreme Court that was as arrogant and untrue as themselves was a benefit to those with the same aptitude. It assured them that they would get what they wanted when they wanted it. Democracy, equality, and the rights of the citizens did not enter into the equation. It was all about the win… it was all about selfishness... and it was all about hate.

The MAJORITY of Americans did not vote in many members of Congress and did not vote in Trump. Our election laws have been so distorted as to allow people to be elected that should never be in office and for whom were not voted in by the majority of people who they will represent. This is wrong! Our election laws must change to reflect what Americans truly want for their country. Get rid of gerrymandering, get rid of Super Delegates, and get rid of the Electoral College. It was proven in the last presidential election that the purpose for having them failed and failed miserably. In-fact, it enabled the very situation to happen for which they were designed to thwart.

I warned people about this plight in our government before. I said it was coming. Well folks, it is here. You see, a President of the United States is more than a person that occupies a seat in a building. America is literally molded around the character of the President during their tenure. America CANNOT be better than its President. It simply cannot. The President is the common denominator of democracy, or lack thereof, in our country. And that is why it is so important, when voting for a candidate, that their moral and ethical character are questioned and examined. That is MORE important than their experience or education because it is their character that shapes our country. Their character will send a ripple through the moral fabric of our country. It can strengthen our country or it can cause it to weaken and tear.

What we have witnessed over the past couple years is our country tearing apart because of the lack of good moral values in the leadership roles of our government officials. Governing is no longer about moving our country into the future in the pursuit of democracy, equality, and opportunity. It is all about one party winning over the other. It is all about selfishness. It is all about hate.

Like the old adage goes, one battle lost, but the war is not won. And folks, we are seeing a war develop right before our eyes. America is splitting apart, inequality is taking a foothold, and the days of corruption at the highest levels of government are growing like a fungus. It appears now that it is deemed appropriate to lie in government and to staunchly deny anything negative. It is expected. It also appears that it is now acceptable to attack the rights of woman. And it is not only acceptable to put questionable people into very important positions, but it is becoming commonplace to put people into important positions that have obvious flaws. They are purposely being put there BECAUSE of their terrible disposition. We see that throughout the entire administration. And we have seen first-hand that Trump effectively owns the FBI and calls all their shots. Unfortunately, you have not seen the worse yet.

History will eventually reveal that a minority in America elected a mafia-type boss as our President. That is not so different from Russia’s Putin. We naively thought that no US citizen would ever be as Trump is at the Presidential level. But it is so. Yet, there are still many people who will REFUSE to see what is real and what is right in front of them. If this continues, you WILL lose all the rights that our forefathers worked so hard to give to us. DO NOT TAKE DEMOCRACY FOR GRANTED! Do not lazily sit back and think that everything is going to be alright. IT ALREADY IS NOT!!!

If this incident follows the same trend as all of the other crazy stunts that Trump has done, then people will yell a little bit and then go home and hope that “somebody” will make everything better for them. THAT IS WHY THINGS KEEP GETTING WORSE! Our lawmakers know now that you are becoming numb to this craziness and will simply go away after making a little bit of noise. Why are Americans doing this? Because we have so many addictions that distract us from the things that are the most important for a healthy future. Most people want somebody else to do it for them so their life will go on undisturbed.

Do you really think that we would have the democracy we were given if our forefathers sat in front of a TV, phone, tablet, or computer? NO! Making a democracy took a LOT of work and effort. If you wish to preserve it, then you too will need to work to preserve it. It is time to earn the right of democracy that others before you worked to give to you.

DO NOT LET YOURSELF GROW COMPLACENT! If you want democracy in your country, then you must work to keep it. You must work to bring it back. YOU must do SOMETHING!

If you have good moral values, support equality, and are fair, then somehow find a good cause and support it. Go to rallies, join protests, volunteer to help good candidates, and run for an office as well. If good people do not run for office, then we will be stuck with what we have now… deadbeats with their own selfish interests at heart.

Be a leader! You do not need to wait for one to come along to bring you forward. Build a movement! Your ideas could be as effective as anyone else’s. You will never know unless you try. Do not hope for the “one” to come along. Be the ONE that makes a difference.

If we lose democracy in America and you did nothing to protect it, then you were part of its downfall. DO SOMETHING!

Time is running out and the rabid wolves are breaking down the gates of democracy. You are behind those gates.

RJ Seney



I was aghast when I heard a Trump supporter state that all 17-year-old boys attempt to rape girls. She described it as if it was a right to passage into adult life. She further stated that if Kavanaugh actually did attempt to rape Ms. Ford, that it was okay now and it should not keep him from being on the Supreme Court. It is days like that when I feel ashamed of what our country is turning into.

No, not all 17-year-old boys attempt to rape girls. Yes, they all want to have sex, but to suggest that all have rape on their minds is absurd. This woman’s moral compass is spinning wildly. Apparently she is drunk from Trump’s coolaid pitcher.

Hearing this woman describe “all 17-year-old boys” brings back a memory of a girl that rode to an occupational school on our Town’s bus. Our school would pick up students from another town as a shared service. I remember her as being a bit spunky and being hit on verbally by my school’s boys. She always held her own against them and kept them at bay.

One day she boarded the school bus and was deeply depressed and sad, not wanting to look at anyone. It didn’t take long for the boys to rib her about “last night”. She became furious and yelled at them for suggesting that she was a whore. As the trip progressed, the story unfolded.

A boy from our school and some of his friends picked this girl up to drive around and drink beers. He settled into the back seat with this girl and began to force himself on her. He raped her and bragged about it to his friends. He told everyone how much she enjoyed it.

This girl was not a virgin. And yes, she admitted that she liked to have sex. However, she did NOT want to be raped. She was mortified by what happened and was a changed person from that point forward. The boys would taunt her, probably hoping to be able to have sex with her. In their warped little minds, they maybe hoped that she might think they would stop if she gave them sex. I felt truly saddened for this young woman.

The story continues…

This girl did not report the incident. Nothing ever happened to the rapist. In-fact, the rapist went on to get married and have children. Sounds like he turned out alright, does it not? Maybe he “outgrew” his 17-year-old urges to rape girls, that the woman mentioned above said is normal.

For a time, the rapist appeared to be normal. He even developed into a god-fearing and Jesus-loving Christian. I say “appeared” because most people never really know what happens behind closed doors.

And then he shot his mother-in-law and wife.

No… not all 17- year -old boys are rapists, and yes; the rapist should always be held accountable for their actions, lest someday they feel too empowered and cause significantly more damage.

The Hate Must Stop!

I have been talking with people regarding current politics and the more I listen, the more disturbing it feels. The division between Americans is escalating. What is fueling it? Trump. Yes, it is as simple as that. EVERY conversation centers on him.

The dividing line is firmly between “Democrats” and “Republicans”. It is as if each side views the other side as evil and unrighteous. Trump keeps bashing liberals and Democrats and Democrats return fire and bash conservatives and Republicans. This is what Putin wants. This is what Putin is happy to see.

It MUST stop!

I am getting so tired and disgusted hearing people bash other people solely based on what political party they are enrolled in. People are no longer considered “Americans”. You are either an R or a D. That’s right; you are only one of two different peoples, neither of which is American.

It is so frustrating talking to people when they have firmly taken a stand based on what they have been brain washed to believe. The denial of the truth that I must constantly content with is exasperating.  Nobody wants to listen to the other side. Every person is digging in as if their entire life is at risk if they even dare to listen to the other “side”.  I cringe when a person suddenly blurts out “those damned Democrats trying to get handouts” or “those damned racists Republicans”.


Most of the people I talked to have a difficult time trying to figure out which party I am enrolled in because I actually listen and then attempt to present the truth. I also tell them how I see things based on facts, education, and experience. The end result is that neither side wants to hear that when I say it. They simply do not want to hear it. They have shut off communications with people that have ideals dissimilar to their own. And their own is NOT actually their own; it is a perception created by a political organization that is playing to the money that provides them a paycheck.

I have said this time after time; WE ARE NOT DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS!


So stop your hate spreading and political bashing. It gets you nowhere! If you think it will make another person change their party enrollment, you are seriously mistaken.

Focus your efforts on the people that are governing our country and find effective ways to present your views there. If that does not work, then create a monumental wave of opposition TO THE POLITICIAN. That is democracy. Democracy is not about bashing people solely based on their party enrollment.

If people continue the hate that Putin has seeded and incubated through election medaling and presumed blackmailing, then this country will face civil unrest that we have not seen in a very long time. If that escalates further, we may lose the country as we know it.

There is no alternative other than to work together to resolve issues facing our country and people. One person cannot fix everything. One person cannot make a country great. The people are what make this country great. And if half of our citizens cannot talk to the other half, then this country will never be great. In-fact, since Trump was elected, this country is no longer great. Why do I say that? Because NOBODY of authority trusts Trump, no other country respects us anymore, our policies to protect our country for our children and grandchildren are being destroyed, and the hate continues to boil over. How could a country ever be great if half of the people vehemently hates the other half? IT CANNOT!


Begin by catching yourself when you are about to blurt out some stupid sentence that bashes all “Democrats” or all “Republicans”. Simply stop the hate. Refuse to hate. If you can do this, then Russia’s influence over our government fails. You will also be able to detect the truth through the fog of disinformation. You will be able to read all articles and decipher the real truth yourself. Read articles from several sources to identify the truth.

EVERY media entity leans one way or the other a bit. But most, even when they do lean one way or the other, will generally impart the truth in some form. Some media stations are staunchly one-sided and have no qualms about presenting news in a sided fashion, often so severely bending the truth as to present it completely false. Stop listening to those stations; you are being brain washed. You know which ones they are. They are perfectly designed to brain wash you and to make you keep coming back to them like a drug habit. Just stop. Be YOU. YOU find the facts and identify the truth yourself. Liberate yourself TODAY!

Furthermore, STOP reading and participating in the comment sections of news media websites. They are filled with people trying to brain wash you into hating. They are wolves preying on your vulnerability for hate. This is where foreign countries manipulate your mind. Most of those commenters are NOT Americans. They are posers that are trying to polarize you and to manipulate our elections. Just stop reading them. Period.

If you hear somebody that is bashing all Democrats or all Republicans, then interrupt their tirade and explain to them that we are all Americans and no group should be stereotyped or hated. If they refuse to stop stereotypically bashing a group, then walk away. They will NEVER listen to you regardless if you present the truth in a video. Their brain has been brainwashed into shutting you out. And that folks is a real tragedy. When a person develops into this type of person, then they have given up their liberty to think to some fat-and-happy political boss that is bending to the whims of the entity that gives them the most money.

Don’t be their puppet. Do not play their game. Keep and defend your liberty to think on your own and to find the facts as they exist, not how they are presented by a political party or polarized group.

On a positive note, I want to welcome the visitors to my website this week from the countries of Ireland, United Kingdom, Philippines, China, Denmark, and Canada. I hope you do not judge our people by a few disingenuous government officials. Like your countries, we have a few bad apples that try to spoil the entire basket. Most Americans are kind, respecting, open minded, and tolerant of others dissimilar to themselves. Change will come and our country will once again regain the respect and adoration it once had in the global community. We are all from one, and of one. We all share this world together as spiritual equals. The more we work together for the good of all, the more assured is our journey home.

Live Strong and True,

RJ Seney


...justice for all

That is the last phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance. More specifically, “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

Let’s break this down so you can see how our country has lost its way.

A quick google turned up a few definitions on Mariam-Webster:

·       “The maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments”.

·       “conformity to truth, fact, or reason”

We are supposed to be indivisible with liberty and justice. How well is this working these days under Trump? Simply look at who he has pardoned. Are those people being served “justice”? No.

Justice is “conformity to truth, fact, or reason”. How well is that working in Trump’s administration? Do you trust Trump? Do you think he always speaks the truth? No.

Furthermore, everyone believes that Trump has done something seriously illegal. Why else would he bow to Putin and why else would he hide his financial status and tax returns? We have a President that is beholding to Putin. Putin’s life is about destroying the United States and its allies. How well is that going? Very well, indeed! Trump is destroying America and our relationships with our allies a piece each week. Is justice being served by allowing him to do that? No. And Congress stands idly by watching it all go down the shitter. We no longer have checks and balances that our forefathers put in place so this would not happen. They knew it could happen and took preventative steps to thwart it. It was not good enough.

In other words, we no longer are “indivisible with liberty and justice for all” because there no longer is justice for all. Trump is treated as a person above the law… above justice. Therefore, if our country has no justice, then we are no longer indivisible… we are divided. When we are divided, we lose our liberty and strength. (Remember the adage, “divide and conquer”. Simply put, our pledge of allegiance is no longer valid. It is an antiquated phrase that no longer has any meaning. Our country is NOT what it previously was.

I shake my head in disgust at the Republican Congress who try to act tough by saying that they know what Putin did in 2016 and then say “it better not happen again in 2018”. Really? They “know” what happened in 2016, but they are not going to do one damned thing about it! Nothing! Sanctions? Really? Trump finds a way to nullify those. Putin knows that the USA will do nothing to stop the meddling or to punish them for doing it.

This is like having a person walk up to our President, shoot him, and immediately deny it. And then having everyone around the shooter say, “I know you killed the President! Just don’t let it happen again this year!” They will then go on to punish the person; “And you no longer can buy McDonalds French fries. There! Take that! We showed you!”

No; that was not meant to be funny. It is the equivalent of what is happening now. Heck, Japan attacked us and we joined World War II and hit them with nucs. Russia attacked us far worse by meddling in our elections! They put one of their own in office as the President of the United States. Seriously! Putin stole our liberty and justice, yet, we simply say “You better not do that again!” Seriously? That isn’t even a slap on the wrist.

Folks, we have the equivalent of a Russian mob boss as our president! Heck, even Kim Jong-Un knows that. He understads more about what is happening to our country than most of our citizens. Again, that is not meant to be funny. It is serious. And Congress is NOT going to stop it from happening. They are only interested in the few things they want and are willing to sell YOUR souls and YOUR country to get it. Just to rub it in the nose of Democrats. That’s right; they will let our country collapse and be destroyed just so long as they can run one or two things into the other political group’s nose. Do you recall the phrase “cut off your nose to spite your face”?

And yet, people continue to go about their lives as if nothing is happening. Not everyone, but the vast majority. Why, you might ask? Because until what Trump does directly affects their daily routine, they will ignore what is happening outside of their little “world”. When the day comes when their life is seriously impacted by this fiasco, they will look around and say “What happened!?” “Who let this happen?” Are YOU one of “them”?

But by then, all will be lost. It will be too late to stop it. It will be like dominos falling.

We CANNOT take 4 years of this! We simply cannot!

People, you need to rise up. Our ancestors did and they did it for YOU. We owe it to our grandchildren and great grandchildren to do something to secure their future. We were given liberties and justice by people that came before us. They made this country for US. Do not let devious people take it away from our future children. Do not be complicit and do not be complacent.  Show the world that our country is not a fluke and we are more than our government representatives. Take back your country NOW! Find a way NOW. If there is not a group to join, then make a new one. Find a way to force change. Restore “liberty and justice for all”.

Be relentless until the Russians are out of our government and then make it so they can never do it again. No threats and nothing illegal. Just make it happen.

RJ Seney

Torturing Children in the USA

I’ve had enough of hearing about the White House Administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Furthermore, Congress should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping up to address this atrocity. Trump, being the bold-faced liar that he is, says it is the Democrats fault. Somebody remind him that Congress and the White House are run by the Republican majority. And somebody show him footage of Democrats trying to get into the facilities holding these poor children.

My fellow Americans; we have had enough of this shit that has befallen on America. Make America Great Again? Really? Is this what being “great” is? Torturing innocent young children by separating them from their parents? Do you go to sleep at night thanking “god” for giving us a person like Trump to do this to children?

Separating a child from their parents is the absolute most terrifying thing you can do to a child. Remember back to when you were a child. What scared you the most? Put yourself back as a child and with your parents in a strange place and then think about being abducted away from your parents by strangers. Does it get worse than that? No. It is traumatizing. And we all should know by now that trauma leads to mental instability and PTSD afterwards.

We are now creating our own ISIS generation with these children. They will ALWAYS remember what happened to them and will learn to hate us. It will be firmly ingrained into their minds. HATE will grow from this sick method of handling children. It reminds me of Nazis separating Jewish children from their parents before sending them to concentration camps or gas chambers. IT IS NO DIFFERENT! Children are children. It is equally traumatizing. And yet, we grow numb and callous to it. So too did the German citizens.

We “should” be better than that, but Putin gave us a President whose entire purpose is to shatter the humanity of American citizens.  Unfortunately it is working. We should be knocking down the walls of these facilities to reunite the children with their parents; but no, we go home and sit in front of our phones or TV as if nothing bad is happening. That is part of the plan in the destruction of our country. Do so much bullshit and tell so many lies that we see it as white noise while it destroys our core values. Destroying the United States from within without having fired a single shot.

There will be a steep price to pay for this horrid conduct and complicity. Our Physical Universe assures equilibrium and our Spiritual Universe sees, hears, and feels everything. Nothing is ever done in a vacuum. Don’t be surprised to see attempted child abductions from the families of the legislators. I’m not suggesting that anyone do this. I am pointing out reality. We already had a shooter try to take out members of Congress. Kidnapping certainly is in the realm of possibility. There will soon be a lot of children that will grow into resentful adults with an axe to grind. Heck, there are probably family relatives of these children that are already trying to figure out how to seek revenge.

Every child has a spirit just like you do. Every child has a spirit that came from the same place as you did. There were no walls or containment facilities within the spiritual universe when your spirit came to you. We must always remember this when we are put into a position to make legislation that affects people.

Every country needs to control the amount of immigration; everybody can agree to that. Otherwise it would be the wild-wild west forever. However, it is not rocket science to create fair policies for immigration. It is also not rocket science to create ways to return illegal immigrants with their families that came with them. Furthermore, it is not rocket science to create legislation that would allow the necessary immigration to fill jobs that Americans simply will not do.

What we are seeing is hatred toward other humans in such a despicable scenario as to torture children to reduce illegal immigration. Really? That is as smart as we are? Torture children to reduce illegal immigration? To a child, separation is worse than being water boarded. Yet, Congress sits back and lets it happen.

Here is a better method of handing illegal immigrants, without spending much time to think it out: When illegal families are caught, put the parents into hard labor and make them care for their children while they are in hard labor. There would be no pay for their work. They would work to cover their room and board and the expenses to be returned to their native country within 1 month. Simultaneously, create legislation to create legal ways for immigrants to come into our country to work. They will be taxed a foreign worker’s fee that will be held in a trust for them. At the end of their “term” they will voluntarily return and receive their fee back or be returned to their native country at their expense, using the collected fee. But we will not separate the children. Any person forced back will never be allowed into the USA again.

Another piece of legislation is to make it so children that are born in the USA to illegal immigrants are not citizens automatically. If a person is here illegally, then they are foreign trespassers and therefore cannot have children that are Americans. Immigrants that arrive legally will fall under a different rule where their children will be Americans if born here.


We can devise humane ways to deal with people, especially children. This is not difficult.

Disincentives should NEVER be oriented toward hurting children. Never. We are better than that. Our government isn’t (at the moment), but we should be. If you sit back and let our government turn against humanity, then you are as guilty as the ones doing these atrocities. Sitting back and ignoring it because you “think” you are a “Republican” is foolish and stupid. We are NOT Republicans or Democrats. We are Americans. And it is time that we stepped forward to remind our government of that fact and hold them accountable and responsible. If they are so incompetent or adamant to not change, then we must change them.

Start by learning who is running for office in 2018. Learn everything about the candidates. Some candidates you will need to dig out because they are not funded very well. That does not mean that they should not be considered. It is difficult to be an unknown and get funding. Furthermore, they may be the best candidate because big business is not breast feeding them ideas and money.

If Congress remains fully in the hands of Republican candidates after the 2018 elections, then that will be a signal for citizens to act before we are completely destroyed. If citizens act together they will not be able to stop you. Show the White House what really huge numbers of people look like. And then do not stop until you see the resignations. Be relentless.  Stop child abuse now! Stop the wanton destruction of our country now!

RJ Seney


Asian Alliance

Trump has been bragging and taking credit for North Korea’s move to stop nuclear tests and missile launches.  What an idiot.

What we are seeing is a strategic move from North Korea and China. Those meetings between Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping, and Moon Jae-in are neither happenstance nor are they the result of anything resembling strategy from Trump. Trump is incapable of calculated strategy. He is reactionary and vindictive. In other words, he can be very predictive and manipulated.

Kim Jong-un tried intimidation to push its way to nuclear power and to be a force to be reckoned with so he could be a world player. That was short sighted on his part. Faced with lackluster results, he has moved to strategically get what he wants and needs.

What Kim Jong-un wants now is to be a collaborator in making America weaker and the Asian sector of our world the number-one world power. He has learned that China controls that sector and to negate that influence is catastrophic to his desires and to his country.

And China is all too pleased to help. Make no mistake, Trump has slapped the face of Xi Jinping and Xi will not forget that. Trump is a bull-shitter and tries to make nice to keep things cool between China and the United States when he pushes the envelope, but Xi is calculating, patient, and a strategist. He plays for the long game, not the short game.

China has been steadily increasing its military and is forming new alliances around the globe. It is also becoming a presence in more countries. That is a sure sign of confidence, strategy, and unrelenting ambition.

What you are seeing is not a reaction by North Korea from anything Trump has done. Rather, what you are seeing is China and North Korea collaborating to work peacefully together to push the United States out of the Asian sector. And that is where South Korea comes in. Hence, that is where Kim Jong-un began. When China, North Korea, and South Korea begin to collaborate for strength, you will see an alliance that will be extremely formidable. North Korea will not even need a missile or a nuclear bomb. They will let China lead with that intimidation and then prosper from their newfound relationship.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to alienate the United States from its allies, is weakening our standing in the world when we close-in on ourselves, and is putting us in a position where we are burning our resources at three ends. Always remember that the absolute worst thing you can do to your “self” is to be selfish. Nothing weakens a spirit more than selfishness. And there is no one more selfish than Trump. He is selfish to an extreme fault and the major powers are playing him as an idiot because of it. Russia plays him like a fiddle and is positioning our country in a horrible situation that is making it difficult to extract ourselves from.

All this is going on while Trump struggles with accusatory porn stars and tries to bob-and-weave from blows to the head stemming from the Russia investigation. If anyone can’t see that Russia has influenced the past presidential election, then they are in such denial that their brain has ceased to work. They have shut it down in extreme denial. Well, get over it! Deal with what is directly in front of your eyes. I shake my head in disgust when I see so many people deny the blatantly obvious because they are so afraid to admit that they made a mistake by backing Trump. They are willing to sacrifice our country and the future of their children simply to protect their ego. Again, can you see the selfishness? Do you see what it breeds? Look! Listen!

The right thing to do is for Trump and Pence to resign. It is such a simple solution; yet, their egos are so big that they are willing to sacrifice all of us for their own selfishness. Don’t count on them resigning unless they are pressured to. They are in it too deep and there are too many skeletons in the closet that they need to protect while in power.

The United States is becoming weaker, the Asian alliance is becoming stronger, and Russia is playing a strategic game of wearing us down. Folks, wake up and see what is right in front of your eyes! DEMAND the resignation of Trump and Pence. It is the only way that we can head this off. There is NO other scenario that can stop this in the short term. Congress is not going to help you. Unless you can vote enough new members from the Democratic party, this charade will continue until the United States is just a shell of its former glory.

The one consistency with Trump is that you need to believe the exact opposite of what he tells you. I have not seen this fail yet. He is ALWAYS lying and never means what he says. He is consistently deceitful. If you can accept that, then you can ignore him and move forward to do what must be done. Don’t sit home and hope that someone is going to shoot him dead. Firstly, we never want that to happen to any US President. Secondly, it will fuel and fan the flames of division in the United States. Russia has started several fires in our country in an offensive attempt to divide us. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN! Resist the temptation to hate other Americans! In-fact, resist the temptation to hate the people of any other country. We are all humans and our spirits are all from the same place.

Be strong and demand that our country be true to the world and its people. Uniting the people of the United States and then reestablishing our bonds with our allies is the only path to security and peace in the future. Our goal is to always work toward world peace and acceptance of all cultures that are peaceful.

So, is the Asian Alliance bad? Think about it for a moment. You have three countries trying to work peacefully together to become stronger together. North Korea and South Korea have been enemies for decades. The lives of the North Korean people must be horrendous. And China is faced with pressure from the United States that is going to hurt their economy. They are reacting like any other human would react to protect itself. It is forming an alliance that will protect and strengthen its own people. That is to be expected. The good aspect is that there may be peace in the Asian sector. The bad part of it is that the strength is being built with an ulterior motive to weaken the United States.

Here is what you can do:

·       Stop hating. Anyone. Just stop. Always think of people as humans that are trying to build a life and provide for their families. Accept differences in culture and physical attributes and relish the uniqueness that makes us different and interesting. That alone will stop the divide between ourselves and between our country and the rest of the world, allowing us to think with our spirits instead of our selfish physical part.

·       Demand the resignation of Trump and Pence. Settle for nothing less. Band together, gather everyone you know, protest, and create a show of force. This is the only way to stop the nonsense. We need to bring in a President that can focus on uniting our country and tightening our alliances across the world. It will also allow for a new cabinet to create positive legislation that will protect our environment, bring healthcare to everyone, and focus on positive initiatives to create financial equity amongst our people.

·       Vote out the “resistors” in congress. I am not political and abhor the idea of suggesting that we strictly vote in “Democrats”. However, I am going to make an exception in an attempt to “right the ship”. With that being said, PAY ATTENTION to the candidates in the Primary election! Take time away from your Facebook, games, and TV to learn who the candidates are. I have been receiving literature from several congressional candidates and I save them to compare them against each other. Also go and visit their websites to learn about them. Just because they are all Democrats does not mean they all have the same agenda. We need members of Congress that are willing to listen objectively to issues brought forward by both parties. We have seen what electing “resistors” leads to. When it comes time for an elected official to stop resisting and begin to govern, these candidates are clueless and gutless when it comes time to actually run the country. Get rid of the resistors! Vote in hard-working candidates that have a track record of getting things done. And be wary of the candidates that are simply for anything that is currently popular. Good representatives will take the time to learn all sides to an issue before taking a stand.

·       Stop being afraid to tell Trump believers that you do not support him and then be sure to tell them why. If we remain passive (and too nicey nice), then lies will continue to be reinforced. People must hear what most of us see. You do not need to be mean-spirited or aggressive. Simply state what is true and that you wish for our country to be better than that. Don’t get into an argument with them. There is nothing to win and a lot to lose. That is a bad combination. Trump supporters have been brain washed into being confrontational and aggressive. Simply state your opinion and the obvious facts and then move on. Fighting them will actually work against the situation and they know that. Don’t let them draw you into a confrontation.

·       Don’t do nothing. Being passive or allowing yourself to be afraid will harm you and your family in the long term. You must be strong for your family. If you do not do that now, it will only be more difficult later when you will have less opportunity to make a difference. With overwhelming numbers, being united, and being relentless, it will force the necessary changes to protect our country and to bring back world unity.

The new Asian Alliance initiative should be a wakeup call to the entire world. Unlike Trump’s self-serving initiative, they are showing the world that unity is stronger than divisiveness. Collaboration and peace is stronger than inward-looking and selfishness. We can learn from what is happening, but also compile a strategy to not be caught off-guard in how it will affect our world standing and security. That is what governing a country entails. And right now, we have no government. It is time for you to take a stand so we can have a functioning government again. YOU have that power if you allow your spirit to be strong enough to do it. We do not have to settle for corruption. Do what Congress refuses to do!


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RJ Seney


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Spirituality, Long Hair, and Cults

Odd title, you might say. Yes… it is.

So… how are those subjects related? What would tie them together?

If you have been following the news (and who doesn’t these days) then you will have seen the newest cult in the headlines. Nxivm is in the spotlight for being a sex cult that brands women and turns them into sex slaves. Several of the pictures show a man with long hair. According to the Nxivm website, the company “is a community guided by humanitarian principles that seek to empower people and answer important questions about what it means to be human.”

In other words, they are going to play spiritual mind games with you so you will give them money and obtain power over you. Brainwashing 101. Keith Raniere is the founder of these “empowerment” programs that are supposed to help executives prosper and people to be better humans. People sign up for them in droves in the hopes of getting that “key” to becoming rich or powerful. Everybody wants money and power instantly and the predators will find them and take advantage of their weakness.

Good grief! No wonder it is nearly impossible to reach people about true spirituality. Every clown with long hair and a knack for brainwashing people has seriously hindered that possibility.

When I begin to talk to people about spirituality I can feel the shift in their thoughts and they immediately become defensive and protective. I can’t fault them for that when you see these nut-cases screwing with people’s minds. The fact is; there are always wolves at the gate ready to pounce. There always has been and always will be. This is not anything new. Humans are humans, regardless of which country they were born in or what time-period in which they existed. And people have been getting brainwashed for tens of thousands of years. If you think that you have not, then you might consider yourself to be an atheist. But even atheists can form into cults. Religions are simply more acceptable cults for societies. You don’t think so? Then maybe you should interrupt a priest saying mass and go up to the altar to tell everyone that they are brainwashed and that god does not exist. You better have an escape plan.

So what does long hair have to do with anything?

A lot.

Think back to the 60s when hippies were growing their hair and beards out, women stopped shaving, and casual sex was encouraged. Many formed communes that preached sexual freedom, natural living, casual drugs, and free spirituality. That formed an impression on society. And it was not a good one.

As we saw over time, they all fell apart. Why? Because they were not even close to be spiritual, not many of the members worked, many became addicts, others fell victim to sexually transmitted diseases, and their lifestyle was not sustainable. It was nothing other than another form of brainwashing and doing whatever the-hell a person wanted to do. Well folks, you can only do that for so long and you will find yourself with no money, no job, possibly in jail, with illegitimate children you cannot support, and living on the street doing drugs. And that is what people see when they see men with long hair and beards.

Why does this bother me? Because it gives nature a bad rap. It also gives spirituality a bad rap. Men were born, genetically, to have beards and long hair. That is who we are. You can cut and cut and cut for the rest of your life, but your hair will just keep on growing. That is who we are. We are an animal that has long hair. Somewhere in the evolution of humans, the genetics for long hair gave us an edge over those that did not. Yet, we continue to cut it off to “fit” into the newest societal norms.

Men cut the hair on their heads and shave their faces so they look more like boys instead of men. Women shave their armpits, legs, and pubic hairs so they look like pre-puberty girls. And then they paint faces on because they do not like what they see in the mirror. How unfortunate to feel that way every day of your life. This is what is being brainwashed into our youth. Don’t believe me? Simply go to art websites, porn sites, or photographic websites and see what is being photographed and depicted. That is what our youth sees. That is what our youth is being brainwashed into thinking that they should look like and what they should do. Frankly, I find it disgusting and degrading to both men and women. Humans simply do not like their natural look anymore and sex is being broadcast as male domination to female bodies that look like children.  Yet, people wonder why pedophilia is growing. Some aspects of our society make me gag with disgust.

I had short hair and was beardless for a very long time so I would fit into the corporate culture. It was necessary for my customers to trust me, and the way I appeared was part of the emotional connection they expected.

I now have long hair and a beard. I really like it and feel liberated. When I look in the mirror I actually see myself for who I am… naturally. I feel really good about myself. However, when I am out in public, many people are apprehensive when they see me. Yes, that is right. They have been brainwashed into thinking that men with long hair and beards cannot be trusted. After all, many deadbeats that are arrested and make the evening news have long hair and the general population of men in society do not. I have seen people take a wide route around me so they did not have to walk near me. What is intriguing, however, is that some children associate my look with Santa Clause, and at Christmastime they stare at me and sometimes smile, thinking I am Santa. If the parent happens to notice, they quickly jerk the child’s arm to make a quick getaway… right down to the isle that sells stuffed Santa Clause dolls… that have long hair and beards. Talk about confused little kids! And then on Sunday they go to church and see… a picture depicting Jesus… that has long hair and a beard. How absurd. Heck, if a person (Jesus, in this case) could actually magically come back to “save” people, he would get arrested and thrown in jail for being a vagrant. Yet, people flock to church begging for him to do just that. Odd, yet they don’t see the hypocrisy.

The same situation applies to spirituality. There have been numerous cults that formed based on spirituality. Ugh! Yeah, that really makes it hard to talk to people about spirituality when they have seen a plethora of these “spiritual” cults crop up. But the amazing thing is that they simply ignore that their own religion was created the exact same way!

People are gullible and are sometimes too quick to buy-in to cults, while others are too defensive and block anything that might rightly challenge their own. (Religion)

So… I find many challenges to helping people to accept their natural born self and spirituality when they are overwhelmed with media that conflicts their thinking. And when people are conflicted or scared, they retreat and become defensive. Again, that is probably a good thing in many instances, but it hinders building time of living when one does not assume some risks to grow. And yes, you MUST assume risks in your life to grow so you can build “time of living”. If you do not, then you have nothing to take home with you when you physically die.

My hope is that people will listen to what I have been saying and look around their world to see how they can improve their participation in living. No cult, no religion, no societies, no… anything. Just you and your own spirituality. There is nothing to fear. Find it for yourself. You do not need me to give it to you or to believe in any self-professed prophet. And you surely do not need to spend a penny to have it. It is within you right now. Lower the barrier your physical existence places in front of your spirituality so you can embrace it. Your life will begin to change. You can still protect yourself from the wolves and enjoy spirituality.

Will you be apprehensive when you walk by the next long haired man after reading this? Probably. Change takes time and commonality lends itself to comfort. But remember this; when you see arrests on TV, also notice those men that are arrested that do not have long hair or long beards. There are many more of them, but you do not notice because they conform to the norm, and therefore, do not look as “scary”.

In a nutshell, do not be afraid of your natural self and embrace the spirituality within you. You do not need to follow anyone to have it and you will eventually become acclimated to the way you naturally look. Now go out into the world to enjoy and build your eternal life!

RJ Seney

P.S. If you find yourself so fortunate to find a large apple tree filled with blossoms this spring, then climb into the middle of it and look around. Lower your barrier and experience a rush of spiritual connection. That sensation is as close as I can possibly describe to a person that has never experienced being in the “light”. True spirituality really does exist. Find it before your body dies.

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Spring Planting Has Arrived!

It is sometimes difficult to find something positive to write about with the world being in a tailspin, so I decided to write about positive growth. Spring is a time of rejuvenation and new beginnings. While you may not be able to stop shootings or control the stock market, you can do something beneficial right where you live.

Now is the time to begin perennial spring planting. If you have been considering a new perennial, shrub, or tree, you cannot beat this time period to plant it. Yes, many of us are still not past the threat of nighttime frost; however, dormant trees planted now are not affected by it. In-fact, it works very well because it allows the plant to wake up slowly from dormancy.

I always encourage people to plant a couple of fruit trees or berry bushes as opposed to ornamentals because there is more of a reward. If you are going to go through the trouble of caring for a tree, you might as well get something in return other than looking at it.

When purchasing fruit trees, be sure to check to see if it requires a pollinator. Many websites have created tables and charts for you to use and are very helpful. Some nursery websites that sell trees will suggest pollinators for specific trees. There are two things to keep in mind when looking for fruit trees that can pollenate each other:

1.     Get a second “variety” that it can cross pollenate with, even if it is stated that it is self-pollinating. Most fruit trees are direct clones of just one tree. Therefore, if you plant two trees of the same variety, they simply cannot pollenate each other. It would be like having a tree with two limbs on the same tree. With that being said, some varieties cannot be used for pollination at all. In-effect, they are sterile because of their genetics. They can be pollenated by another tree to created fruit, but they cannot pollenate another tree. If you get several different varieties, then you might not need to worry. However, many people would not know what to do with the fruit from 8 apple trees.

2.     The varieties selected to cross pollinate each other must also bloom at a similar time period. If you have an early blossoming variety and a late blossoming variety, the blooms might now overlap enough to pollenate each other. Again, some website will help you with this by showing graphs of pollination dates.

If you get #1 and #2 above correct, you may also need to pay attention to the distance the trees are to each other. The closer, the better for pollination. We are losing bees at an alarming rate, so you may need to rely on the wind for pollination. Some trees, like plums, need to be close enough to almost touch each other when fully mature. Keep this in mind with the size of the tree you purchase.

And on that note, I will cover the issue with size.

You can purchase dwarf, semi-dwarf, semi-standard, and standard size fruit trees. Which one is for you?

If you have a VERY small yard, then dwarfs are your ticket. With that being said, I rarely advise people to plant dwarfs. Their root systems are inferior. The reason is that, by design, the root stock used to make the dwarf was selected so they allow limited growth by limiting their own root growth. That leaves the gardener (you) with a tree that tends to fall over because there are not enough roots to anchor the tree. Another negative about dwarfs is that they do not grow tall. If you have deer, then forget about dwarfs, period. That is, unless you are willing to stake the tree up and fence it in permanently. Also keep in mind that dwarfs stop growing within a few years. That will limit how many fruits you get. If you are looking to make wine, you will be disappointed. If you only want to make one pie, then you may be content. Another strike against dwarfs is that they do not do well in heavy soil. The roots simply are not made for it.

Unfortunately, most trees sold at local outlets are dwarfs. Check the label. With that being said, many will not tell you what they are.

If you have a quarter acre or so, then semi-dwarfs might work for you. Sometimes they get big enough to provide for canning and pies. Their root system is better, but some still may tend to tilt or fall over.

Semi-standards are becoming more popular from some internet nurseries. These work really well and can even be kept pruned to the size of a semi-dwarf.

Standards are best if you know that you will keep the tree pruned to a manageable size. Furthermore, they have strong root systems and work well even in heavy soil. Some might even be self-rooted. That means that they are not grafted. Be cautious of these, however, because self-rooted might be “grown from seed”. Most fruit trees do not produce seedlings like the parent. Standard trees grow large. Keep that in mind if you do not plan to keep it pruned to a manageable size.

One way around the problem if all you can get is dwarfs is to bury the graft union when you plant the tree. Most fruit trees are grafted onto a root stock. The union is generally very easy to see. Plant the tree so the graft union is three inches below the soil level. In three to four years the roots will grow from the union and the tree will supersede the dwarfing roots with standard roots that are native to the top. Note that the normal way to plant a grafted tree is to be sure that the graft union is three inches above the soil line. If planted that way, then the tree will remain a dwarf. Another benefit for planting the union below the soil line is that the tree will be hardier for colder climates. If you live in zone 3 or 4 I recommend this planting method. I also recommend smaller caliper trees when doing this because they tend to do better grown this way than a larger caliper tree.

You do not have to plant fruit trees. Now is also a good time to plant your favorite perennial or bush. Be careful, however, that the plant is not leafing out when you plant it at this time of the year. (Still having frosts or days below freezing) If it is leafing out when planted, then the frost will set it back. Some do not rebound after that because they already used their reserve to leaf out the first time. I just saw some apple trees at Tractor Supply that were already leafed out. Do not buy those if you are still experiencing frost or freezing temperatures. With that being said, last year around this time, I purchased a small (as big around as a sharpie marker) AU Rosa plum tree from Tractor Supply. It had “green tips” at the end of its buds, but they had not opened up yet. That tree tripled its size last year. Based on how it is growing, I may get fruit during its third year growing here. (Note: NEVER let a fruit tree bear fruit during its first and second year of growth in your yard. Just don’t do it! Their system is not ready for the demand placed upon it and it could severely stunt your tree, or worse, kill it during the winter afterwards.)

And that leads us to the topic; how big should the tree be that you buy? It should be small, but not scrawny. Nurseries go by “caliper” size to grade trees. Unfortunately, places like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes, (and many local nurseries) do not grade the trees, but you can see the size for yourself. To make this easy, I will suggest using coins to size your trees.

Any tree that is bigger around than a fifty-cent coin is not a good bet unless you are going to put in an irrigation system around it or are willing to water the tree thoroughly every-other day. Unless dug out of the ground with its native root ball by a local nursery “grower”, the root system will simply be too small for the amount of tree above the ground.

Do not be misled by a tree having a root ball at a store like Home Depot (and many seasonal nurseries). They ARE NOT root balls! They are bare root trees in wet sawdust bags. That is why they tell you not to open the root ball; they do not want you to see that there is no native soil with the roots. If you still insist on purchasing this tree, then OPEN UP THE BALL! (In a garage, basement, or shaded area.) Now you can check the health of the roots. If you find that the sawdust and roots are dry when you open it up, then take the tree back and get your money back. If you see broken roots hanging lose, then cut them off just before the break. Now soak the roots in water for a half hour before planting. DO NOT TAKE THE TREE OUT OF THE WATER BEFORE PLANTING AND DO NOT EXPOSE THE ROOTS TO SUNLIGHT. Air and sunlight kill roots quickly. The tree should go from the bucket of water and into the ground. NEVER let roots dry out and never let them soak in water more than 12 hours. Dry roots die and old water runs out of oxygen and suffocates the roots. Roots need oxygen from the water, but will die if left out in the air drying out. One way around this is to put an aquarium aerator stone into the bucket of water, that is connected to an aquarium air pump. It will keep oxygen in the water if you need to keep the tree in the water for an extended amount of time.

You can apply this same principle of keeping the roots wet to planting flowers that have been growing in packs. Drench them by soaking them in 1 inch of water for 15 minutes before planting and DO NOT lay them out on the ground to see how you will arrange them. Use pieces of paper or stones to map it out. The plant should be removed from the pack and planted directly in its hole.

Back to caliper size for trees…

A tree that is as big around as a quarter is “okay” just so long as you prune the top to remove some of the stems. Again, this caliper is rather large for the root system that it has. Remember; the root systems are only 10 to 25% of what it had before being dug up when the caliper size is this large. You will need to water this tree at least every third day unless you get a lot of rain.

A tree that is as big around as a nickel is a good size. It will have sufficient roots relative to the top. You will need to water this tree about once a week. You may also wish to reduce (prune) some of the branches to even-out the demand to the roots.

A tree that is as big as a penny is also a good size. It is very close to the size of a nickel and you should water it once a week.

A tree that is as big around as a dime is a really good size. It will have most of its roots and when it comes out of dormancy, it will grow well. It should be watered every 10 days if it does not rain.

A tree that is as big around as a pencil (or smaller) is marginal. Some grow great, and others do not. The reason is that the roots and the stem is thin and can dry our easily when the nursery stores them. Larger caliper trees have more girth that holds reserve energy and moisture.

With the above being said, the medium caliper trees (nickel, penny, and dime size trunks) will do best over the long haul once they become established. They will outgrow a fifty-cent coin caliper tree by year three. Irrigation systems can overcome that affect with the larger trees.

When I suggest how many times to water, I am talking about its first year. That time period is crucial for the success of the tree. During year two, you can reduce the waterings by half. By year three, they will be established and should be able to get what they need unless you hit a dry spell. If it is bone dry for two weeks in year-three, then you should give the tree water and water it deep.

Another important point to make at planting time is to mulch the tree! Just do it! It will more than pay for itself. Do not mulch with grass or straw; use the mulch you can buy in bags at the hardware stores. They always have sales. If you are lucky to get mulch from a sawmill, then that will work well too. Mulch out to three feet from the trunk. Do not mulch right up to the trunk or it could cause it to rot. Keep the mulch about three inches away. DO NOT lay mulching fabric or newspaper under the mulch. Mulching fabric can eventually girdle your tree and newspaper will make the water run away from the tree. We want the water to easily run through the mulch and to the roots.

Another very important step to take is to put hardware cloth around the trunk of the tree. Voles and rabbits can kill a small tree in minutes when they eat the bark. Be sure to leave a 3 inch gap between the trunk and the hardware cloth. This REALLY is worth the effort.

If you have deer, then fence the tree in! Just do it! You will need to leave the fence up for a minimum of three years. I use four 6-foot heavy stakes with 2x3” welded wire fencing. The corner stakes are put 3 feet away from the tree trunk. The fencing is attached to the stakes so the fence bottom is about 14 inches from the ground. That gap allows you to weed wack around the fence if necessary. The best method to control weeds around the tree is to mulch heavily out past the fence. Now you don’t even need to weed wack. Furthermore, by not having grass grow up into the fence, you eliminate the tufts of dead grass that voles love to live it. Voles are your enemy. Trap them or poison them, but get rid of them. Good outdoor cats help as well.

Other plants you can plant now are bleeding hearts, Spring bulbs, onions, grape vines, asparagus, horse radish, very hardy roses that are dormant, hop rhizomes, sweet cicely, rhubarb, dormant blueberry bushes, and chives, to name a few. The clue is that these are perennials that are still seen as dormant at this time of the year, are beginning to grow during this cool period in the spring, or are dormant trees. The rule is to not plant bushes or trees that are full of blooms or leaves until the time period is past the last spring frost. That also goes for annuals.

Unless you like to keep replanting the same plant every year, do not plant perennials that are not rated for your planting zone. You can find your growing zone easily on the internet using your zip code. Higher numbers are for warmer loving plants, and smaller numbers are for cold hardier plants. Generally, plants are listed as growing in a range of zones, like 5 through 7 for example. If you are in a zone 5, then plants rated for 6 or above are not suitable for you. One way to “push the proverbial envelope” is to plant a shrub that might be rated one growing zone higher by planting it on the south side of a house. This does not always work. I tried it with figs and the tree always died back to the crown and had to regrow from the crown every year. That did not give the fruit long enough to ripen. The tree “lived” per se, but was essentially useless as a fruiting tree.

Happy spring growing!

RJ Seney

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