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LyZeath is the second volume in the epic three-volume Yeath trilogy. The adventure continues where it left off at the end of ZyLeath.

The books in the Yeath trilogy should be read in the sequence in which they were written. Each book is not an island unto itself. There is much information and many experiences in each volume that must be gleaned before the successive volume can be fully appreciated.

I have received a few comments from readers that the language used by some characters in the trilogy can be harsh and a bit offensive. The language used by each character is consistent with the language they would have used in similar real-world situations. I did not sugarcoat any part of this book to appease readers that are uncomfortable confronting the real-life situations where strong language is commonly used in our society. By design, the trilogy attempts to help readers to confront that which they do not fully understand or are fearful of. Strong language used in the trilogy, that can be vulgar at times, is not used for the shock value in any sense. All three books convey reality within a fictitious setting.

If a part of the book feels a bit too real, well, it probably reflects real life that you may have seen or lived. Instead of feeling insulted or shocked by the situation or language used, try to gain understanding of why that character behaves as he or she does, and then follow their journey. You will be able to see and feel them grow as the journey progresses.

Music is used throughout the Yeath trilogy in all three volumes to bring in a new dimension to the readers’ senses. Some like it and some do not. If you begin to connect with the music and feel the emotion in which it is contained, then you are beginning to gain an understanding of the trilogy’s purpose. For readers that find the music distracting, simply read right by it and do not open the link. They do not open automatically.

To listen to the music while continuing to read the book, click (or press) on the music link in blue. The music link will be in square brackets like this: [Song: xxxxxxxxx, by xxxxxxxx].  Once the music window comes up and begins to play the music, reselect your reader window to return to the book. The music will continue to play in the background on most devices. Some music links will suggest that you continue reading while listening to the music and other music links will suggest listening to the music before continuing to read. There are a couple of music links that will have you read for a bit while the music plays and then suggest that you stop reading at another location in the book to finish listening to the music. If the music link is at the end of a chapter, it is suggested to listen to the music before starting the next chapter. An internet connection to your device is required for the music links to work.

If you decide to skip the music, I STRONGLY suggest listening to the music in the final chapter of LyZeath. It is truly incredible if listened to in-sync with the text.

An appendix is included that includes audio pronunciations of words to help readers to pronounce some of the unique words and names in the applicable book. Some descriptions are included, but not enough to divulge important aspects of the story. (No spoilers)

Unlike the plethora of books released each year, the Yeath trilogy is not a quick-fix short story. Sit back and enjoy the adventure. You will surely get more than your money’s worth and it will give you reading pleasure that you will be able to look forward to for some time. Many readers are giving the trilogy to friends and family so they can discuss and enjoy it with them. I can’t stress enough that the Yeath trilogy is an adventure to be savored and remembered.

The meaning of life is easy. Living it well to build your ark of life for your journey home is what is difficult. I truly hope you live your life fully to become strong and true to make that journey.




Flood of Memories


The coldness of ZyLorka’s spirit was heavy in his chest. No longer could he feel Nearwatha’s warm spirit, a presence he had come to depend on. ZyLorka was once again alone on his home planet.

Looking around at the Centrollium was like traveling through time into a future where the Centrollium he knew had become desolate and broken. Yet, the reality was quite the opposite. What he was seeing was LyZeath’s Centrollium in disrepair from 65 million years of abandonment. Sadness filled his spirit to see it in such shambles.

ZyLorka felt entirely different from the time when he was there last, just before being invulsated unexpectedly to ZyLeath. The room no longer felt foreign to him and he understood its meaning.

He now stood on the invulsation platform, statue-like, looking around the inside of the Centrollium, unsure of what to do next. His gaze circled to the Luadestian skeletons at the Planetary Control Stations. The amethyst colored fabric at the stations lay intermingled with their skeletal bones. He now knew that the pieces of fabric were the special robes of the ancient Luadestians of LyZeath. Each skeleton had one thumb tied to one of the Calibration Control Crystals using the fabric ripped from their own robes. Why was that, he wondered? Oh yes, he thought, it would be the only way to keep their thumbs on the crystal after they died. Their Luadestian thumb imprint from their acceptance by a Full ZyLor went clear down to the bone.

His gaze fell downward toward the steps leading down from the invulsation platform that he stood on. The skeleton on the steps, his skeleton from 65 million years ago, still lay on the steps in the same position as when he left it ten and a half years ago. But there was something strangely different that he did not remember from the last time he was in LyZeath’s Centrollium. The skeleton on the steps was covered in a golden-yellow cape that had a pattern of blue crystals and silver laced threads along its edges. Had somebody been here since he left and cover the skeleton with this mysterious cape, he wondered?

Taking a deep breath and then releasing it slowly, ZyLorka walked down the steps and past his ancient skeleton so he could place his backpack and weapons on the floor. Once he removed what was strapped to his body, he walked up to the skeleton to examine the cape. It was beautifully made and in pristine condition. Dust had not even settled on it. The fabric looked so soft as to make him want to touch it so he could feel the smoothness on his fingers. Squatting down next to his skeleton, he laid his hand upon the fabric, in a similar motion that one would do when petting a very soft animal. When his hand touched the cape, it began to sparkle, similarly to the Luadestians’ robes on ZyLeath after their acceptance ceremony in the Centrollium there. Instantly, images began to flash through his head as if they were being pushed through his forehead. This startled ZyLorka and made him jump back in surprise. His breathing was erratic, while his face bore the look of discovery and amazement. The tunic was no longer sparkling; having stopping instantly as his hand pulled away.

ZyLorka closed his eyes and concentrated on the Universe of all Spirits to gain understanding of this phenomenon. Bowing slightly, he opened his eyes and immediately relaxed. He understood what the cape was now. Slowly, but deliberately, ZyLorka reached down to remove the golden-yellow tunic from the skeleton. Again, it sparkled brilliantly while images raced through his head. But this time, instead of releasing the cape, he put it on.  The ZyLyZ armband began a series of transitioning colors once the clasp was latched around his neck. The blue crystals on the cape glowed as the silver lacing threads streamed around the edges of the cloak like a liquid flowing light.

After a few moments, the ZyLyZ stopped its transitioning colors and the crystals and silver threads stopped glowing. The robe continued to sparkle and the images continued to flow through his mind. ZyLorka concentrated on making them stop and they instantly ceased, similarly to when he figured out how to make the ZyLyZ stop glowing many years before. He knew with certainty that this cape was part of being a Full ZyLor and it would now be an integral part of his being.

To test the functionality of the cape, ZyLorka thought of the time-period when he had entered the room while running from Pit Bull, the gang leader that tried to kill him ten and a half years ago. Instantly, the area around him began to replay the event like a movie in his head. He could see himself enter the room, investigating the Centrollium. It was like having a historical out of body experience. With a little more thought, he was able to speed up the historic scenario unfolding in front of him.  The cape worked and he was learning to control it!

ZyLorka was amazed at what this cape could do when he wore it. He could turn off the recap of history as quickly as he could turn it on. Looking around him, he became excited and anxious to learn more.  Once again, he looked to his ancient skeleton to see if there was something more that he might have missed. What could he learn from it, he wondered excitedly. His sights focused on the ring that was on the skeleton’s finger. Yes, he thought, that would certainly tell him something!

As he bent down and touched the ring, a flood of memories instantly rushed through his head as if he were facing the rushing end of a fire hose. It was so overwhelming, that he had to release the ring and take a deep breath. He began to perspire and his breathing increased along with his heart rate.

“Oh my… Nearwatha!” said ZyLorka, his face awash in amazement as tears streaked down his face. He stepped backward unable to touch the ring again. He was not ready to face his ancient history with Nearwatha, as the emotions were too strong for him to handle while being so alone without his family from ZyLeath.

Instead of going back to the ring, he proceeded to walk around the Centrollium. He then concentrated on the day that the people in this Centrollium tied their thumbs to the calibration crystals.

Just like when he touched the ring, images rushed through his head wildly. But this time, he concentrated on controlling it. He watched in amazement as ancient history began to unfold in his mind… a history sixty five million years ago on Earth… known then as LyZeath.


He was seeing the event play through his mind as if looking through the eyes of the ancient ZyLor. He was wearing the cape in the company of a complete set of accepted Luadestians. Everyone was sad and tearing. He could feel the intense hurt and sense of complete loss within their spirits. It hurt him immensely when he felt their misery. The day was like no other… it was a day of dire desperation and spiritual pain.

The Centrollium was in a constant state of shaking, with small pebbles falling from the ceiling and bouncing on the ground as the entire planet shook from a constant barrage of earthquakes.  Torches, stuck into slots along the walls, glowed dimly with wisps of smoke coming from the tips as they burned. He could even smell the smoke. How amazing! ….yet… how terribly sad…


“ZyLorka, are you sure this will work?” asked Luadestian Testilong with a yearning face as he hobbled toward ZyLorka, “We will surely die a horrible death if we tie ourselves to the control crystals. Is there nothing else we can do with the time we have left so we might be saved?”

ZyLorka was distraught, tired, and emotionally drained, but he would not let this show through to the Luadestians, “Nothing is certain, eldest Luadestian. The Universe of all Spirits cannot control the physical aspects of the Universe.  Our Universe is in a constant state of disarray by its very nature and I cannot guarantee that this planet will be around for even a day longer. But if by chance our final attempt to build a bridge for a future ZyLor works, then it will be the only chance our spirits will have to survive certain death.  All we can do is to hope that the world survives long enough for this last ditch effort to have a chance to work.”

“But ZyLorka… you, the only ZyLor that we have, will surely die if we do this! Should you not use the rest of your life to help our world to survive this catastrophe?” questioned Luadestian Sumashic.

“The condition of our planet is far beyond what my capabilities are as a ZyLor. There is nothing more I can do to help our people. They will be required to help themselves now.”

“But, how will the final invulsation work in the future without the other Crystalliths? The Crystallith on district 5 was totally destroyed!” exclaimed Luadestian Ablion frantically.

“I did all I could do to protect the Crystalliths for future use as the moon fragments impacted LyZeath. But to no avail; we lost a critical one to the largest fragment. Fortunately, for our plan to work, only the Centrallith in this Centrollium is necessary for a ZyLor to invulsate to ZyLeath if he instantiates the process at Full Yeath,” said ZyLorka as he paced the floor slowly, deep in thought.

“I can’t even begin to make sense out of it ZyLorka! YOU are the only ZyLor left and you are about to commit suicide! There will never be another ZyLor and therefore, there will never be another invulsation! All is lost!” said Luadestian Rhuolentez. She sat at her planetary control station and cried with her face in her hands.

  “We must never give up,” said ZyLorka firmly, “It is our duty to remain strong and true and to give our worlds every chance that we can give them, right up to the second of our death. It is what must be.”

“ZyLorka, you still have not answered the question of a future ZyLor. How will it be possible?” prodded Rhuolentez for an answer.

“I cannot say for certain… I just understand from the Universe of all Spirits that it is possible if our world survives this catastrophe. They will someday guide a spirit that is capable of being a ZyLor to make it happen.”

The room was deathly silent for several seconds as everyone’s attention was affixed to ZyLorka after he finished speaking.

“Then it will be,” said a relenting Testilong. His gaze moved from ZyLorka and turned to his Planetary Control Station, “How much time do we have left?”

The lighted torches flickered with the shaking and the flames began to wane. ZyLorka looked at them in sadness, “Maybe only a few minutes. Our oxygen will be gone soon and the toxic air will replace it. We must get to the stations quickly. Tear off a piece of your robe. I will tie your thumbs to the Control Chrystal with it.”

 The Luadestians that were not seated agonizingly walked to their stations and sat down slowly, knowing that this was the last thing they would be able to do for the rest of their lives. And their life was coming to an abrupt end soon. They began to tear a small strip of cloth from their robes for ZyLorka to use. It felt to them like they were making a noose for their own necks.

“I will instantiate a five dimensional coordinate sequence into the planetary control stations so the new location of LyZeath will already be set for the new ZyLor. Without any Luadestians to instruct him and without being a Full ZyLor, he would never know how to use this system for the necessary invulsation to ZyLeath.”

The Luadestians bowed slightly to him in acceptance. ZyLorka walked over to each of them, took their piece of fabric, and then tied their thumbs to the control crystal. When he was finished, he slowly walked up onto the invulsation platform, feeling like he was walking up the stairs to a hanging gallows.

The Luadestians began to cough and gag as the torches went out, one by one. He knew he must act swiftly before he too was overtaken by a lack of oxygen. The hot acidic air was seeping into his chest causing intense pain. One by one, the Luadestians’ heads hit their table as they lost oxygen and were overtaken with the poisonous air. ZyLorka held the ZyLyZ out to start the instantiation process as he gasped for air. First, the Centrallith appeared above him, and then the coordination crystals on LyZeath’s planetary control station began to go up and down, setting the pattern for LyZeath’s new location. The Centrallith began to glow from the light of the ZyLyZ Yeath sphere, but the rainbow of lights never developed.

Suddenly, ZyLorka fell to the platform and rolled off the edge. The invulsation process stopped abruptly. The fear of failure pushed him to crawl up the steps as he tried to get back onto the platform. But it was not to be. He collapsed right near the edge with his arm outstretched toward the platform.


The image he was seeing was not right, he suddenly realized. Why did his hand look so odd? The event continued to unravel before him….


Using the last bit of energy he could muster, the ancient ZyLor invulsated the Centrallith so it disappeared from view. He exhaled his last breath as his spirit spiraled out of his body and into the Halospiral Ring of Spirits.


[Song:  Remember Now, by 2002, The Emerald Way album] Read while listening

Tears ran down ZyLorka’s face as he watched the lifeless bodies on the Centrollium. He finally saw and remembered his past and how tragic it ended. The deathly silence of the Centrollium sent a chill up ZyLorka’s spine as he looked at the lifelessness within the images in his mind. Strange, he thought, that these images were becoming current memories from a time so long ago. His entire being was merging with who he was now and who he was then, almost like an awakening inside of a dream.

 [Finish listening to music before continuing]



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