Second book in the epic Yeath trilogy

Click the cover image to purchase your copy of LyZeath now!   

Click the cover image to purchase your copy of LyZeath now!


Zackary Lester has returned to the cave under Mount Marcy on Earth. Leaving the people who had become his family on ZyLeath was very difficult for him, yet he understood that it was imperative that he return.

It was clear before he left ZyLeath that a catastrophic event had occurred on Earth during his absence. Nobody could foretell what it was or how extensive it might be.  Regardless, it was so significant that it was already having a substantial impact on the people of ZyLeath. Did he return soon enough to be able to help or is the present situation so dire that it is impossible to halt its progression?

With his mission on ZyLeath complete, or so it appeared, he could embark on a new mission on his home world. Is he going to be strong enough without the support of his family and friends on ZyLeath? With a renewed spirit formed on ZyLeath, would he continue to be true enough to overcome the pressures of his native land? Or would the brutally inflicted scars on his spirit that he sustained on Earth return to haunt him?

Earth, called LyZeath by the people of ZyLeath, is nothing like ZyLeath. Zackary will have many challenges he never could have foreseen.  The weapons of mass of destruction on Earth are far more sophisticated and powerful than anything imaginable on ZyLeath. Would his special abilities be a match for them? How much more sophisticated might they be now?

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all for Zackary is that he knows that he will not have his soulmasae beside him for his new mission. She was the person who caressed his wounded spirit when he went to ZyLeath and helped him to understand how to be steadfastly true while exerting his remarkable strength for the good of their people. The one comfort he carried with him back to Earth was believing that he could return to ZyLeath for spiritual support if need be… or could he? And if he does, will it signal the end of mankind?

Follow Zackary as he unlocks new mysteries and faces unforeseen challenges that would break the spirit of most people. The spirit gardens of Yeath are waiting for you.

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