ZyLeath, 2nd Edition

First book in the epic Yeath trilogy

Click on the image to preview the book!   

Click on the image to preview the book!


Zackary Lester, the son of a high-profile Congressman, is a hardened soldier in the Iraqi war who comes face-to-face with spiritual and physical death. Surviving leaves him with a wounded spirit, a crippled body, and the thorns of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The love of his life has betrayed him, his family is shattered by politics, and the world he thought he understood is abandoning him. Zackary’s life is in complete ruins with no hope of a future until he accidentally falls into a network of ancient tunnels deep within the Adirondack Mountains.

Suddenly, Zackary’s life has unforeseen meaning after a mysterious cuff-band attaches itself to his arm. His world instantly becomes foreign to him as he discovers the secrets harbored in a captivating room of beautiful crystal structures that Earth had hidden for sixty five million years. But, is Earth really Earth? Is Zackary even who he thought he was? And who is the mysterious woman that enchantingly captivates his spirit like he has never experienced before.

Follow Zackary’s epic journey to discover the hidden secrets of our world and to reveal the true purpose of our lives. Reality, fiction, spirituality, science, and astronomy are meticulously woven together, requiring the reader to think carefully in determining where one leaves off and the other begins. ZyLeath is an emotional and provocative epic novel in the colossal Yeath trilogy.

And now you can enjoy ZyLeath more intimately with the release of the 2nd edition featuring enhancements to the story, audio pronunciations of words & names, and music links within the story to bring more emotion and presence to the adventure. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience you should not miss!

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