eBook Layout, Formats, and Purchasing


Book Layout and Multimedia

The Yeath trilogy uses hypertext-linked music within the book that will give the reader a more profound experience and emotional connection. The music links will utilize your reading device’s internet connection to open a music website that will allow the reader to listen to the song at no cost. An internet connection and audio capability are required for this new feature to work.  The introduction in the book will give you a more detailed explanation of how to use the links.

Because the internet changes dynamically on a daily basis, there is no guarantee that the music links will work forever. We have thought ahead and created an appendix in each book that contains direct links to online music stores if you wish to purchase the songs that are used within the book.  You can build your own playlist with purchased songs and not have to be concerned with links that may become broken with time. To use your own playlist, keep your music application open and select the music title in the player when you reach a music link in the book. Obviously, the music  will not be automatically selected from the book, but it works very easily on many devices.

Also new to the trilogy is an appendix with audio pronunciations of words and names used in the applicable book. Some character names have brief descriptions to aid readers that need to stop reading for a period of time and then resume at a later time. There are no spoilers. Some characters have no descriptions for that reason. They will be self-evident and easy to remember. The pronunciations are also audio links, however, the pronunciations can be downloaded and saved for free for later use just in-case the links break over time.


eBook Formats Supported

The Yeath trilogy is published in three electronic eBook formats. They are listed below and must be purchased separately at the present time. We are exploring another avenue to bundle all three formats into one purchase with no additional cost. The books are not DRM protected so you can move them between your devices and/or computer for your enjoyment.

Used in many eBook reading devices and is the most widely supported format. The following devices should be able to read EPUB formatted books:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire and newer
  • Apple devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, and Mac (While Apple IOS devices can read other formats, this is the suggested format) Use iBooks to read this format.
  • Android based devices (Phones and tablets). An app is required and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • Adobe Digital Editions running on a PC.
  • Calibre running on PCs and Macs
  • Microsoft Surface and phones running Metro Reader (there may be more apps)
  • Barnes and Nobles Nook readers

Used with Amazon's Kindle 1, 2, & 3. The Kindle Fire and newer devices from Amazon can also read this format. Many other devices (Apple, PC, and Android) can read the mobi format if you download an app. These apps can be downloaded from Amazon directly from their website for free or you can go to your device's app store. It is strongly suggested to not use this format with Apple devices. You "might" be able to read the book, but you will not be able to listen to the music while reading.

AZW3 (also known as K8):
This is the new format used with newer Amazon Kindle devices. Kindle Fire and newer Kindle devices are moving to this format in place of the older mobi format. If you have one of the newer Kindle devices, this may be the preferred format. Older Kindles, like the Kindle 1, 2, and 3, will not be able to read this format. Apple devices do not work with this format. Android devices can read this format with the Kindle app, as can the Calibre application running on a computer. Android devices can download many other apps to read this format from the Google Play store.


Note: The above is a generalized list of devices to read eBook formatted books. Always consult your device's documentation to see which formats are supported. Also note that not all eBook reading devices have hardware to support internet hypertext-links and/or audio in the new enhanced books, however, the enhanced books should be readable in these simple eBook readers.


Computer eBook Reading Software

Any of the formats above can be read on a personal computer. Simply find an app that will read one of the formats, download the app, and then install it. Free reading apps can be found at Amazon.com. There is also an app on the internet called Calibre that can be installed on your computer to read many eBook formats. The free software is available for download to a computer here.


Special Note on Formats

Most reading devices and computers can read any format eBook if it has the appropriate reading app installed. Most of these apps are downloadable for free. However, some older reader devices may not run these apps if their operating system is too old. Some devices may be too old for newer operating systems. Be sure to check your device's file compatibility before purchasing the eBook. If your newer device does not read the format you downloaded, all is not lost. Simply find a free app in your device's app store that can read it. If you accidentally download the wrong format, contact us through this website and we will send you the correct formatted book.


Purchasing and Downloading eBooks From This Site

Books purchased from this site will be available for download for a limited time after your purchase is cleared. Download the book immediately! You can follow the link given after the purchase in the confirmation screen or click on the link in the emailed receipt. Depending on the computer or reading device used to make the eBook purchase,  the downloaded eBook may automatically be imported into your reading apps' library once you click on the link in the confirmation screen after purchase. If it does not automatically import, then either find the eBook file in your download folder and move it to appropriate folder for your eReader app, or go into your eReader app and add it to its library. There are so many reading devices and applications, it would be impossible to cover all of the various methods of cataloging eBooks used by the various devices.

Do note that some devices (like phones and computers) may not have a reading app installed initially. You will need a reading application to read any eBook! There are literally hundreds of reading apps you can use and many are free or are available for a very small price. When you find an app you like that was for free, it is sometimes worth the extra benefits to purchase it so you do not have to see the advertisements that come along with free apps. Those advertisements can use up your data plan.

For computers, we recommend Calibre for reading eBooks. It reads just about any format made and when using Chrome on a PC, the downloaded book will automatically be added to its library when it is downloaded from the confirmation screen. The software reading application can be downloaded for free here. If you like Calibre, it is encouraged to give them a small donation to encourage continued development of the product. Software developers are starving artists too.