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Welcome to RJ Seney’s international website! All are welcomed to visit, read, and explore. Within this site you will find his novels, articles he writes about current events in the USA, a section detailing the unique chicken breed he developed many years ago, and some interesting garden articles.

This site is routinely visited by people from across the world. It is RJ Seney's hope to see the world come together as one entity instead of the fragmentation that separates the human race behind borders, while being locked away behind a shroud of separatism. He has understanding that we are all of one and we should begin to treat each other as such if our world is to endure.

His book, Be Forever: One Man’s Revelations After Entering The Light, is free to download with no advertising or spam strings attached. It is his gift to the world and he will try to provide it for free for as long as possible. The paperback version will not be free because of the printing costs involved.

Digital eBooks are available for purchase from this website, while paperback editions of the books are distributed by Amazon.com to facilitate cost effective shipping. The links underneath the book covers below will quickly take you there. International customers should do a search for "RJ Seney" on their applicable Amazon website to find my books. Enjoy the most epic adventure ever written!

Live Strong and True to Be Forever.

Losing Humanity

an epic four-book series !!!

It has been determined that the Losing Humanity series is the largest novel ever written in the English Language. Clearly epic in every sense of the word!

Finding death

The first novel in the epic series, Losing Humanity, sets the stage for a very long adventure. It begins with the main character experiencing many of the trials and tribulations of his senior year of high school and then takes you through his life as he endures the harsh challenges of the Iraqi war in the US Army's Special Forces. Many of the scenes in the book are actual real-life experiences that the US soldiers endured. That is... that some of them were able to endure. Nobody that lived through the horrors of this war returned home unscathed. Many never returned.

Finding Death reflects actual life that could have been that of your son, daughter, neighbor, sister, brother, relative, or friend. Other than the story-line and characters created by the author, there is nothing fictional about this book until the very last chapter, where it takes a huge leap forward toward the adventure of a lifetime.

Spiritual Inversion paperback Front 2018-01-31b flattened.jpg

Spiritual Inversion

Spiritual Inversion is the 2nd novel in the epic series, Losing Humanity. Our journey continues where the novel Finding Death left us. What happens to Zackary after a murderous drug lord shoots him in the chest? He felt the bullet pressing into his skin before he vanished within a swirling rainbow of colored particles, while standing helplessly on a mysterious crystal platform deep beneath a mountain in the Adirondacks.

Our next venture into this journey will take ancient history, spiritualism, and science into a dimension never before explored. Scientists have told us what they think happened sixty-six million years ago. Religions have given us their “truth” to our existence. What if everything on Earth that we thought we knew turned out to be wrong? What if… Earth was only half of the equation?


Lunar Apocalypse

Lunar Apocalypse is the 3rd novel in the epic series, Losing Humanity. Our journey continues where the novel Spiritual Inversion left us. Why is ZyLorka’s spirit so cold on his return to his original home? Is it that he feels he is now trapped and can never return to his beloved family?  Is he actually under Mount Marcy… or did the process to return him go horribly wrong? Something is different in the cave that stole him away for over ten years.

Our next venture into this journey will take our current reality and move it forward to the point where we all hoped it would never go, but always felt that it would. Is this book a prediction of what is coming for all of us? Be careful of what you viscerally fear, yet ignore… it just might come true.





ZyLorka’s euphoria, after what appeared to be the success of the most important mission in the history of Earth, was short lived as he looked toward the horizon. Elation turned to gut wrenching terror as he realizes that he may have gone too far.

Re-Evolution is the 4th novel in the Losing Humanity series that brings us further into the journey of humanity with all of its faults and failures. Are we destined for extinction? If so, then what will inherit the world? The answer will not surprise you; it will astound you.

The Losing Humanity series is an epic adventure in every form. It was recently determined that it is the largest novel ever written in the English language. To fully appreciate and comprehend the complexities within the series, it is strongly suggested that the four volumes be read in the order in which they have been written. There is new terminology in each volume that simply will not be understood if the books are read out of order. The first and smallest volume, Finding Death, begins the adventure by creating the foundation upon which the other novels in the series build from.

Losing Humanity was not written to appease those with short attention spans or readers that are looking for simplistic plots to quickly get them to the end of a book. This series will draw you into its world where you may feel like you are in the presence of the characters; experiencing their joy, heartbreak, and exasperations. Unlike short novels where you see a flash of the characters’ lives, Losing Humanity will bring you through an entire lifetime. You will know the characters better than your own relatives. And when you have completed the series, it will reward you in your own life like you have never expected. This series can be, and has been, life changing for some people.

If you are only looking to explore the writing of RJ Seney without the investment of the entire adventure, then by all means, read the first volume. It is an excellent novel unto itself and reflects actual real-life events that most people are familiar with. Finding Death will give you a perspective of life that many of us have not experienced, but should at least become familiar with to develop an appreciation of the lives of our warriors.

RJ Seney's writing style is that of an eclectic storyteller that is sure to please readers of any nationality. The adventures are easy to read, flow quickly, and will captivate your imagination. Many readers liken his style to that of a movie script writer, bringing forth much dialog amongst the characters.

To enhance the unique format of his novels, RJ Seney has added music links throughout the text. The purpose of the music is multifaceted. There is music that the characters are listening to, then there is music that portrays the emotion of the scene, and finally there are the lyrics that sometimes reveal clues about what is happening or will happen.

Don’t miss out on the most epic adventure series ever written; get your copies today!

Be forever: one man's revelations after entering the light

This book reveals RJ Seney's three near-death experiences and the understanding he received and continues to receive since entering the light. He will share the two most important things you must do with your life to make your journey home after physical death. If you have ever questioned what life really is, then this is the book you should read to gain that understanding.

Inside you will discover, in detail, what happens during death. Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? The book will answer these questions and more. Finally, it will guide you to understanding your own spirit. What is a spirit? How does it work? These questions will be answered in much detail and without any religious connotation.

We are all responsible for our own journeys home, from whence we came, after our physical death. Your journey is all about YOU. If you lower your barrier to accept the reality that has always been with you, then you will not need to "believe" in anything. You will gain true understanding and begin to follow the path that has always been there for YOU.

Finally, this book will describe the many things we all can do throughout our lives to strengthen our spirit, establish our bonds with each other, and to thwart the demise of humanity across the globe.

Look inside this book to understand that "something" that we all feel is within us, but can't quite grasp what it is. Do not let fear keep you from discovering the truth.

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